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...but there's a warm wind blowin' the stars around...

I made it to the store tonight. I'm stocked up for the week. Things are looking good, and slightly under control. With careful time management I may be able to get some more organizing done, plus some work on McGuffin as well. I've been taking my notes for the latter to lunch with me so that Robert and I can do some additional brain-storming. We're both frustrated with the lack of time that either of us has had to put forward on this project. We want to have a working prototype soon. If we can manage that in the next month or so, we should have a working demonstration model by November -- assuming nothing rears its ugly head during our tweaking and experiments to get the prototype working correctly.

It's getting near 11:30. I am tired but unfortunately in no way sleepy. You really need to have experienced insomnia to understand that. I wonder how long this bout of insomnia is going to last for me. It comes and goes. I wonder if that's the usual course or if it's more of a chronic thing with other people. I've got my can of cold Caffeine-free Diet Coke and I'm thinking of going out back and watching the stars for a half an hour or so and then maybe I'll be able to take a decent stab at hitting the hay. It is a beautiful evening for it. It's positively balmy, and the sky is so clear. There's also a sliver of the last quarter of the moon still up. Going out to the store I got a good whiff of the air. I love night air. I like the smells that carry on evening breezes. They're somehow different than the daytime scents. The only thing better than being outside at night, is being on the beach at night, if you can find some way to escape the sand fleas. I was always wanting the STBX to lay out on a blanket with me and chat, or not. Quiet company is good too.


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