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Scavenger Hunt

Well, I had something to post this morning, but it was preempted. As I have mentioned before, the EMI Music Distributors office, which shares a building with us, is moving. So, to that end, they are cleaning out their place. They came over here with an obscenely huge haul of CD's which they are more in the mood to discard than move. There is a large table in our shipping department stacked up and positively overflowing with all kinds of CD's. The only way this scenario could be better is if a liquor store and a high-class bordello were also neighbors with us and were likewise moving and offering scavenge opportunities.

Currently, there are about ten or fifteen people going through the pile and nabbing interesting-looking titles. It's like watching a piranha tank into which has been dropped a side of beef. There are a lot of samplers and new stuff and weird stuff and music of all kinds. Most of it is not first string, top hits kind of stuff, but there are gems here and there in the mix if you spend enough time sifting through the trash/treasure pile. They even provided bags to haul the plunder off to our cubicles and cars. As the Church Lady would say, "How conveeeenient!"

I hauled off with a modest twenty CD's for myself, plus a handful of other lucky-find CD's which I recognized as being favorites of various friends of mine, and I may give the table a second look later, if there is anything left. It appears that I have some more mailing to do. The real beauty of this music bonanza is, since it's free, I can afford to get downright experimental about the music and check out some things that I normally wouldn't think twice about acquiring, if I were paying. There's a lot of obscure stuff, and obscure bands and artists. It was really cool of those guys to drop this on us. Of course, this is a sad circumstance, because after the feast today, there won't be anymore. They used to come over here all the time and drop sampler music on us and now those days are gone. We'll probably get some stodgy old insurance firm in there now. Bleah.

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