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Women's eyes.

I must confess that I am an "eye-man," which is to say, that the first thing that attracts me, physically about a woman is her eyes. Of course, anyone reading this will arrive at one of three conclusions. The first conclusion likely to be drawn is that, I'm an effeminate little nebbish, of questionable sexual orientation, who works in a flower shop. The second is that I'm a Mr-Suave-and-Sensitive-Wannabe who's just disingenuously trying to impress women by denying that I notice first what most other guys notice first, a woman's boobs. The third, and probably minority opinion, will possibly be that I am telling the truth and that perhaps if the reader reads further I may elaborate and have something interesting to say.

I've always been an eye-man. It's amazing what you can pick up by looking into someone's eyes. I'm not sure why. It smacks of mysticism, which is somewhat annoying and disturbing to consider, but nevertheless, it is something I have found to be true. It has been said that, in a bucket of eyes, a man could not distinguish the eyes of his sister, or his mother, or his lover from any of the others having the same color, but when they are in a face, and there is life behind them, then they speak volumes, sometimes of incomprehensible things but it is fascinating what you see when you look.

I love smart women. I have always thought that beautiful women with empty heads and shallow souls were Nature's way of sharing wonderful aesthetics with dumb guys. Whenever I meet a woman, the first thing I do is look her dead-square through the pupils and try to discern if there's anything going on in there. That's a scary thing to do. I certainly couldn't do it when I was a boy, and spooked by girls (which did not keep me from admiring them unrequitedly). I have no idea why it is scary, but I forced myself to acquire the habit, and it is advice I would give to any boy who is interested in girls. It's sort of like the old salt on a bird's tail folklore. If you can look a woman in the eye you can interact with her in any number of sane, productive ways, discuss software, or politics, or movies, play chess or gin rummy, or ask her for a date without looking like a buffoon.

If there isn't anything going on in a woman's head, then she may be okay to talk to, or even look at, but she's just not really sexy to me. The brain is the most erogenous zone humans posess. Having looks is a bit like having money. It doesn't matter as much that you have it, as much as it matters how you use it, and how you get it. A woman with brains can use what nature gave her in ways that her better endowed but less imaginative sister could never approach. From my perspective, the charms of a woman with brains are that much sweeter because you know that she's not going to share herself with just any fool, and even if she were of a mind to do so, the fool wouldn't appreciate what he got.

Women's eyes tell you strange things. It's nothing specific that you can see. You get current emotional state, general physical condition, tired, excited, stressed, etc., and something more. You can see the ways in which wisdom has written on her soul. You can see that happiness has visited her, or pain. You can't make out exactly what has happened or when, but you do get a bearing on how she has reacted to the influences on her and whether she has conquered them, and grown, or they have conquered her. You can sometimes get an idea how she deals with adversity, how well she allows herself to be happy, and whether or not she is conscious of the subtleties of the world around her and in the moment in which she is living.

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