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It's time to play the morning rotation again.

This morning, my music is coming from KFOG out of San Francisco. One of the best things about this station is that they have a feature on their web site which shows what is currently playing (okay, that's not original) but they also allow you to look up what they have been playing for the past several days! Now, that is cool. By the way, I listen to them often, and I post what they play on the morning rotation sometimes, as I eat my breakfast. If you're interested, they also stream their program on their web site.
  1. Verve Pipe: "Bittersweet Symphony"
  2. U2: "Beautiful Day"
  3. Counting Crows: "Accidentally In Love" Wow! New music and so awesome. It's off of the Shrek II soundtrack.
  4. The Rolling Stones: "Waiting For a Friend"
  5. Jack Johnson: "Wasting Time"
  6. Cream: "White Room"
Wow, they're on a roll this morning. I like all of those. This is why I listen to this station. I'm late (so what's new). Heigh-ho! It's off to work I go.

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