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Am I in a Rut - or - From My House I Can See Uranus

I stopped at the Verizon Wireless store tonight to reduce my minutes from 800 a month down to 400, because I haven't come anywhere near using 400 minutes in a month. Somehow, I have the nagging suspicion tha this reflects poorly on my social life. Narf!

I also stopped at the grocery store on the way home. Hmm, Albertson's is out of my Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese. Rats. Now I'll have to stop at the other one tomorrow night. I can't thrive without my ham and cheese sandwitch for lunch. Eh, so I'm a creature of habit.

When I got home this evening, there was a present waiting for me on my front porch. It was the present that I got to pick out for being a good little corporate drone and working for my present employer for the past five years. Months ago, my employers presented me with a small catalog of gew-gaws, household appliances, knick-knacks, luggage, jewelry and toys and told me to pick one, as a token of their appreciation. Well, the catalog was lying around for months, since around the time the wife left, in fact, and I just couldn't decide what I wanted out of that. About a week or so ago, I finally made my selection, filled out the card and mailed it in, and tonight, my telescope was sitting on my front porch waiting for me when I got here. See? You knew that crack about Uranus meant something.

I have a twisted mind that loves to think outside the box. Tonight, while playing around on that silly matchmaking site called OkCupid, (why does that name remind me of the song "Stupid Cupid" by Neil Sedaka?) I noticed something. I was running those comparison analyses with various people whom I found interesting. After the comparison was run for the first time, the fields where the two parties names were displayed both editable! This means that you could put in some other member's name besides your own and run a comparison between them. Interesting. I got to wondering if the people I found interesting exhibited any pattern discernable by Okcupid's test. Right. So I compared someone in whom I am interested with my ex-wife. I'm curious about making the same mistakes twice, don't you know. Heh heh. Anyway, you notice the damnedest things doing stuff like that.

Who is... That Girl The Ex-wife data My two cents
...more into drugs? - - mean: 75
std. deviation: 18
mean: 66
std. deviation: 13
You know, they're almost identical here. Uncanny.
...more capitalistic? - - mean: 50
std. deviation: 50
mean: 95
std. deviation: 4
Not surprising. The ex is very Objectivist, like me. Although, given the other lady's lack of data that would explain the large standard deviation.
...more progressive? - - mean: 50
std. deviation: 50
mean: 84
std. deviation: 15
Also not surprising. The ex has some radical an-cap ideas, also like me. Again though, you run into that lack of data.
...more independent? - - mean: 25
std. deviation: 25
mean: 65
std. deviation: 12
I dunno, I think the ex probably talked a better game for this test, although she always said she didn't need anybody (despite demonstrated preference).
...more indie? - - mean: 50
std. deviation: 50
mean: 79
std. deviation: 15
What the heck does this mean, anyway? Not enough data again, I think.
...more introverted? - - mean: 84
std. deviation: 15
mean: 90
std. deviation: 6
Wow. Amazing. I knew that about the ex, but the other is something of a surprise.
...kinkier? - - mean: 80
std. deviation: 18
mean: 72
std. deviation: 8
Okay girls, you're both nicely and richly bent without being depraved, which is just fine, because I like that in a woman...
...more literary? - - mean: 50
std. deviation: 50
mean: 84
std. deviation: 11
Nah, that's a lack of data artifact for sure. They're both probably equally well read.
...more love-experienced? - - mean: 89
std. deviation: 10
mean: 95
std. deviation: 4
Ooh, neck and neck. Both of them are really far over on the right on this one. Close call but I'd believe this of the ex.
...more loving? - - mean: 52
std. deviation: 41
mean: 89
std. deviation: 7
This scares me.
...more old-fashioned? Likely - mean: 55
std. deviation: 22
mean: 6
std. deviation: 5
Hmmm, just goes to show you how shockingly unconventional the ex could be. Eek!
...more optimistic? - - mean: 50
std. deviation: 50
mean: 92
std. deviation: 7
Got to be lack of data here.
...more organized? - - mean: 18
std. deviation: 14
mean: 34
std. deviation: 17
What? The J-type ex doesn't peg the scale here? Eh, okay, I guess she wasn't all that organized, she was just more anal about organization.
...more pure? - - mean: 14
std. deviation: 11
mean: 11
std. deviation: 7
Okay, so naughty girls turn me on... so shoot me.
...more radcliffy? - - mean: 67
std. deviation: 30
mean: 18
std. deviation: 13
Okay, the ex had some style, but it wasn't her strong suit, and the other girl has it in spades. This doesn't surprise me.
...more sex-experienced? - - mean: 78
std. deviation: 17
mean: 96
std. deviation: 2.5
Heh. Years of cheating on me have given the ex quite an advantage in this category. I'm a mean of 73 and a standard deviation of 10.
...hornier? - Likely mean: 47
std. deviation: 24
mean: 90
std. deviation: 5
You'd might not suspect this from looking at their LJ's, but I believe it.
...sloppier? - - mean: 50
std. deviation: 50
mean: 24
std. deviation: 20
This has to be a lack of data at work here.
...less methodical? Likely - mean: 78
std. deviation: 20
mean: 27
std. deviation: 18
This is not surprising. The ex sorts her M&M's before eating them. It's a "J" thang.

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