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Random thoughts while making a living.

One of the other software engineers and I were discussing the limitations of our in-house designed custom language compiler which we use to build the software for our control devices. I suggested that we should add to the compiler the useful and desperately needed feature that enables the compiler pull out a list of file dependencies from the source file to a file.

He agreed that it would be a useful feature to have. I pointed out that we should put it on the list of desired features for the next time the compiler code was revised, even though it might be some time before that happened because the compiler currently has no real problems with it and we try to refrain from rolling new versions of the tools, because revising the tools tends to make problems until all of the bugs in the new code get hashed out.

He came back with this profoundly simple observation:

"There is no limit to perfection."
-- Sergey Numerov

Right on. That's the spirit. That belongs on a sampler. That's the thinking that moves the world.

Else-when this morning, our tame Information Technology person was showing a visitor around the place and he got back here in my end of the building and pointed out to the guest that these cubicles were where the hardware and software engineers worked. The guest observed, "Ah yes, Engineer Alley."

Bill pointed out, "Yeah, it's a rough neighborhood, but occasionally we've gotta go back here."


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