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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

A twist on the LJ community literary project idea

I am sitting here, contemplating an interesting literary project being undertaken by prolixfootle. For those of you who may read this without knowing him, he is writing an episodic spy-thriller of sorts, based upon characters modeled on people he has met on LiveJournal. I think it's certainly a very interesting idea, and the guy is quite capable as an author. Check it out. I'm sure that it won't damage his ego too much if random people come to his site to peruse and admire his ongoing story.

At any rate, I had an idea for a variation on his theme that would truly exercise the power of the LJ environment. I'm hoping someone like Prolix would take up the idea and run with it, because I think it would be interesting and terribly fun to do. The plan would only work among paid users and people who could beg, borrow, or steal a new journal creation code, or those willing to buy another account. An author could recruit a group of users who each would start a journal for a character that they create and define, without any idea of what kind of story is going to evolve from them. The individuals would be responsible for fleshing out their character and describing their personalities, physical description and history, (although some guidelines about the genre, setting, and theme of the story would probably be helpful here, but not necessarily mandatory). Anyway, the main author would then construct a story around these characters. The idea would sort of be like online LJ role-playing, but more freeform, with less interactive gaming involved. The individual character journals would then reflect the character's perspective on the author's story, again, like a role-playing game, but with more collaborative storytelling and without the gaming, e.g. without the rules and dice. An online community so that everyone could post to a central location would be the perfect venue to accomplish the project. Unlike some of the other role-playing LJ communities, the characters would not be pre-defined, and the owners of the characters could have a bigger hand in what the character is like, but the author would have more control than a game-master over the direction that the story takes.

Eh, the idea is so good, (and so obvious, to be honest) that it has probably already been done, several times, come to think of it. I'm just so new to LJ that I've never run into it before, and that is probably the only reason that I can imagine that this is an original idea. The project is one that would naturally occur to a Dungeons and Dragons veteran like myself, and we seem to be pretty well represented in this environment.

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I, who have far too much time on my hands, have thought on two variations of this theme:

I. "The Great White Hunter"
Complete with multiple backdations, the TGWH is a noted world traveler and adventurer. He goes to places like the Congo and Nepal, China and Australia; always doing interesting things. ("I'm logging on from satellite feed right now deep in the bush. The chieftan of the Nubulu pygmies has welcomed me with open arms, but I must admit-even I, the Great White Hunter-that there is a palpable feeling of fear here. For the Nubulus were the most recent victims of the Kisirishmas, who seem to think that by eating pygmies they gain magical powers. The situation is so very unstable.")
I'm thinking ol' TGWH could write everything with the Queen's English too.

II. The Historical Figure
Pick an interesting time in history, and put a person in it. ("17 July: luckily I've managed to get my family out of the city. The ragged populace is gone wild, and I fear they shall soon kill the king." or "30 June: The regiment turned north today, followin' the Rebs. We marched halfway across Maryland today, and well into the night. Rumors are rampant that Meade is only temporary, and soon Little Mac will return. It surely is a hot summer, and it feels like battle will soon be joined.") et al.


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