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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

Still getting myself together.

What is with the sky today? Heck, it's July, and it looks like rain. This is unusual. I'll bet it burns off by noon though. I'm not a really big fan of overcast days. Geeze, I'd rather see a nice rain, especially in the summer, or even a big thunderstorm, or else a sunny day. Just general cloudiness is boring. The big cumulus clouds are nice, good for watching while lying on your back in some nice green grass, and the nimbo-cumulus, the thunderheads, are really spectacular too, but this part of California just doesn't generate either of those all that often.

For the past two days, I haven't seen a single ant in my kitchen. Yes! I think I have defeated the Empire of the Ants. The ant baits, constant scrubbing, and removal of all organic matter from my kitchen has finally paid off. I win! Gah! I hate bugs in my house. Die! Die! Die!

The eating and sleeping are all messed up. I'm trying to turn my day around more, so that I can get to work earlier. I'd like to come in around 7:00AM and leave by 4:00PM, which would give me more time in the evenings to work on McGuffin software. As it is, there's not a lot of time after I get finished puttering around putting things away and getting supper and reading the e-mail. This schedule-wrangling has messed up the eating too. I had a bowl of chilli, a cup of mocha and six frozen White Castle hamburgers all day yesterday. Oops. Actually, these little mini-burgers are really tasty. There are no White Castles out here in the western U.S., and it's one of the things I miss about Ohio, but fortunately you can get them frozen at the grocery. Actually, the burgers were Jackie's idea, from when we when grocery shopping while they were here over the Fourth. With any luck, I can get myself back together tomorrow.

This morning, one of our application engineers sent me a revised specification for the work I'm doing on the capacitor bank controls. Sheesh! What a re-write. The guy is supposed to be on vacation in Wisconsin, but he stopped off at the Chicago office and now the boss has forwarded his latest revision to me. Originally, I had committed to having this work done by the end of this month. Ostensibly, we have customers who desire the changes by then, to accommodate a roll-out of a bunch of our controls on their lines. They're going to upgrade their old controls at the time. Of course, when I agreed to have everything before August, the specification was much smaller! Today I find out that three more items have been added. Fortunately, I have been told that the customer would rather accept new controls a bit later, with all of the new features, than have fewer improvements and early equipment. Okay. Now that I don't have to meet the end of July deadline, I can accommodate a bigger scope of work. Hey, I don't really mind, but I don't appreciate them adding a bunch of junk every morning while attempting to pressure me into agreeing to the same deadline. No dice. They need to figure out what they want and give me a specification. Actually, this is one of the better specifications that I've ever gotten here. Usually, they expect me to do a lot more mind-reading, which is not the best way to develop software, but that's par for the course.

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Look, I made a spiffy new icon

He's curtsying!

Ha ha! It's Flaming Homer! Ask your kids about the episode featuring a Flaming Homer (which was really a mixed drink), if you don't understand the reference.

I do adore the rain, but I dislike overcast days when I know it's a big joke on me from the weather.

"Ohhh, you better wear a sweater Topaz, so that by 2:00, when its 90 degrees you'll be roasting! MuHhahahaha!"

O, and I wrote you a a very scattered email with many typos earlier.

Now I must prepare to work a late shift. Good day.

Ah Muse, always a pleasure! Hmmm, it's the Evil Queen Icon. Should I have some trepidation about opening the mail? Of course I'm itching to read it, even if you're just upbraiding me for putting my foot in my mouth over on your page. Nevertheless, this makes me want to sneak home from work early so that I can check it out. Not nice, Dear. This will teach me to check my LJ at work.

Yeah, rain is great. I love thunderstorms, but we hardly ever have any out here, and when we do, they are so wimpy. As for sweaters, you're complaining about the heat? What about the Nazis your sweaters seem to attract?

Hey! Neat trick, howdja do it?

You switched icons on this comment! It was Maleficent from "Sleeping Beauty" and now it's your "trademark" one. Hmm, the only thing I can figure is that you've been deleting and re-adding and re-ordering your icons on the icon page and that has confused the LJ parser to the point where it just put up your default. Either that, or you've figured out a way to change an icon on a comment after it's been posted. If the latter case, I'm really wanting to learn the trick too!

congradulations on overcoming the ant problem!! every house i've lived in (not including my apt), we've had ants galore and NEVER succeeded in getting rid of them. it's one of the few things i like about where i live now.

Plenty of time for bugs...in the grave! Until then -- no mercy! This is the second infestation at this house I have put down.

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