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They're baa-aack! Of course you know, this means war.

It's overcast again this morning in the Bay Area. Bay Area weather is really not all that great, compared with some other areas of the paradise that is California, I have determined. Just thirty miles away in Livermore, the sun is shining and it's a beautiful morning. Maybe the fog and clouds will burn off by noon. We know it's not going to rain. Heh heh.

It's been an interesting weekend. I got some more coding done on McGuffin. It wasn't as much as I wanted to. Taking care of a house is time consuming! I kept putting off the laundry to work on code and so I was up until 2AM doing laundry this morning. Of course, I wasn't just working on code or the house, either. I spent some chatting time chatting with pr1ss last night, as well as doing LJ stuff. Crap, I've got to get some less-interesting friends. Heh heh. There was an interesting theme going on namethattune, and I just had to put in my two cents on that. I think I came up with some good ones. The theme concerned dreams, dreaming, and nightmares. Th e first post with that theme was was made by jasmine_koran, and I couldn't resist adding my own two cents, so I made one of my own on that theme. I had a dozen tunes with a really eclectic mix. Surprisingly enough, I missed grabbing up Gary Wright: "Dream Weaver" and magicpoison got it in her entry. Uncannily enough, I hadn't heard it in quite awhile, and yet now it's playing on KFOG's 10@10 show.

I talked with my brother Stephen, on Sunday. It was his birthday, he's turning 38 and he's 2 and a half years younger than me. I called him up and found out that nothing really big was planned. My parents and a couple of other family members from both sides of his family were going to come over to his house and have some cake and chew the fat.

Just this very weekend, I read an entry on soccer_mom56's page where he was lamenting "lame" parties, and vowing that if he had to pay girls to show up for a party, he would, rather than throw one where hardly anyone showed up and not a lot was happening. I have news for him. In the first place, if you invite an equitable balance of men and women, and invite interesting people, the men and women will show up to meet each other. Ha! I do not fear to dispense party advice, even thought I have never thrown any kind of soiree whose guest list was larger than about three, in my life. If called on it I will just claim to have learned all I know about partying from thejessicka, pr1ss, morganaus, and ingenuemuse, an unimpeachable brain-trust on the subject of enjoyable entertainment, to be sure. At any rate, Mr. soccer_mom56 may find that it matters less how many interesting and beautiful women come to his party, than having one who will be around after everyone else has gone, with whom to talk, and help with the cleanup.

This morning, after rising late and catching no breakfast, I got another surprise. They're back. Ack. Resistance is futile? I don't think so! The Creeping Chitinous Crisis, the Bitty Borg have come back for a sequel: "The Empire of the Ants Strikes Back." This time, the beasties are invading from a different corner of the kitchen. Looks like I'm going to have to give it another good scrub and mop again, followed by some supressing insecticide fire and ant-baits to make sure the fun goes all the way home to their damned ant hill. Sheesh! I will see the end of these bastards or my neighbors are going to find me standing in the midst of the smoking ruins of my abode, plugging away with a flame-thrower, BFG-9000, or chain-gun, swearing like Private Hudson in Aliens II, and cackling insanely. Hmmm, I think I'll start with some more ant-baits when I go to the grocery tonight.

There's just so damned much to do. I have to go to the grocery (again!), organize my bills (before my creditors re-organize me!), Robert wants me to come over to Berkeley for dinner and some McGuffin work tomorrow night (YEAH!), and I've got to deal with the Myrmidon invasion, (still!). I live in interesting times. The scary thing to contemplate though, is that if McGuffin flies, these times are going to look leisurely. It's a sobering thought. Eh, bring it on, I say.

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