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Dumb survey meme.

This is yet another meme. It's a series of short random survey questions which infected me from mishamish.

The \\
Last Cigarette: Never smoked (tobacco) in my life
Last Alcoholic Drink: Rum and Eggnog New Year's Eve
Last Car Ride: This evening on the way home from work
Last Kiss: Geeze, no idea -- What's a kiss? With the ex wife, a year and a half ago maybe.
Last Good Cry: Gee, there are "good" ones? I dunno -- been awhile.
Last Library Book: Haven't used the library in ages -- I go for keepers
Last book bought: Ann Rinaldi: "Cast Two Shadows" for my daughter
Last Book Read: Thomas DiLorenzo: "The Real Lincoln"
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: Spider-Man II
Last Movie Rented: Not sure. It's been awhile. Mom keeps sending them to me free.
Last Cuss Word Uttered: shit -- sometime this afternoon while arguing politics
Last Beverage Drank: Diet Caffeine-free Coke -- sometime around 3:30
Last Food Consumed: Ham and swiss cheese and some raisins
Last Crush: Heh! Uhm, can't tell until I have another one -- this one's still going.
Last Phone Call: To the bank.
Last TV Show Watched: Smallville last episode sometime in Sept. 2003
Last Time Showered: This morning!
Last Shoes Worn: My tennis shoes. They're on my feet right now.
Last CD Played: Peter Gabriel: "Us"
Last Item Bought:groceries
Last Download: Doobie Brothers: "Black Water" MP3
Last Annoyance: Political discussion this afternoon.
Last Disappointment: March 5, 2004
Last Soda Drank: Diet Caffeine-free Coke sometime around 3:30
Last Thing Written: This sentence is the last thing I wrote.
Last Key Used: House key when I came home this evening.
Last Words Spoken: To my dad across YIM web cam and audio
Last Sleep: Last night. Got up at 5:00 AM this morning.
Last Ice Cream Eaten: Coldstone Cheesecake fantasy. Still having withdraw! Thanks for asking.
Last Chair Sat In: my desk chair -- right now
Last Webpage Visited: This one.

Create a survey!
Tags: memes, who i am

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