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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

(no subject)

I got up early, again to day, again, not as early as I really wanted. My neighbor was in my yard again. I had just started dishes as a prelude to making breakfast, when I saw, out my kitchen window, that small black cat that comes to visit now and again. My daughters have named her Bagheera, after the black panther in Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. She was hunting. I saw her crouch down and start stalking something in the grass, and then she pounced. I figured that it was a bug. Wrong. She started playing with her prey and it tried to fly away, but she snagged it down out of the air again. Hmmm, it was a bird. I should have known. Well, not really being desirous of having my back yard filled with bird bodies, I went out to try a little intervention. I called to the cat and got her attention and that was all the break the bird required, fortunately. It flew away. I spent a couple of minutes exchanging cat pleasantries, I scratched behind her ears and she rubbed her face on me, marking me as "hers" with her scent. When I started to go back in, she meowed at me, no doubt to remind me that I had interrupted her hunt, and that courtesy suggested that I offer her a token in return. Well, I guess I could make some gesture in that regard. I went back in and fished out my Budget Grommet box from last night and crumbled a slice of deli ham and a piece of American cheese into it and took it out and set it on the patio with some rocks in the bottom to keep it from blowing away. I am debating stopping at the store tonight and getting her a bowl and a box of cat food. The kids say that she might belong to one of the neighbors, but she has no collar. She's not really well-fed, but then, she's not starving either. I don't know. Feeding her really couldn't hurt, all that much. One thing is for certain though, slices of deli-ham and American cheese make expensive cat food. Oh yeah, I don't need a cat, but they are cool, and now I may just have one.

I only saw one or two ants this morning in the kitchen. With any luck, this time I will have gotten the queen of the nest which is probably somewhere under the house. I hope so. I've done everything but rent an aardvark to send into the crawlspace after them. I'm considering it.

I sat down at the computer to do some McGuffin work last night, but it didn't happen. Shortly after I got home, I noticed my parents on YIM. I said hi, and got into a conversation. Usually, my father doesn't say a whole lot on the computer, but my mom was at the house too (usually, they're at my grandmother's house, taking care of her) so they decided to chat, with the web cam and voice, because my father does not like to type. We spent a long time messing around trying to get his web cam working right, because he didn't have enough lights on in the room. My mother thinks my hair is getting too long again, and I think she's right. I'm going to have to find someone to cut it here in Livermore, as I haven't been to a barber since I moved from Lodi.

I snapped some pictures of myself at work with my camera phone. I know that my friend Rob T. would scoff, but for such a cheap digital camera, the one in my phone doesn't take bad shots. The first one is a little bit underexposed because I was shooting in the direction of the big window across from my cube. How's that for a boring look? I must have stayed up too late last night. The second picture is a little better. The background is my cubicle of depravity at work. The gizmo behind my left shoulder is a capacitor bank control.

After a rather lengthy chat with my parents, I decided to give my daughter Jackie a buzz, when I saw she was online. I asked if she and her sister wanted to come down for a visit this weekend and she said, "Shannon does." I don't know what the deal with that is. She was complaining that she doesn't get enough time with me, just by herself, and that she would be okay coming down for a visit without her sister. Uhg. Sibling rivalry I can understand. I have a younger brother myself. The problem would seem to be a bit deeper than that. They're always squabbling when I pick them up. It takes a couple hours, usually not much more time than the drive to Livermore, to "decompress" and stop sniping at one another. What's worse, Jackie gets into these moods where she resents her sister. I tried to get out of her what the problem was and she complained of her sister being "happy and bouncy" all the time and that she found it "sickening."

Ah, feh, it's the teenage angst monster. She's got so many things in the crapper right now. She's trying to adjust to a new school and friends. She's had her home pulled out from under her and she's stuffed into an apartment bedroom with her sister. Too many mice in the cage and they chew each other's tails. Of course, their mother is no small part of the problem. She subconsciously is driven to pit them against one another and set them up for conflict. It's what she experienced, growing up. She doesn't even realize when she's doing it. Of course, the fact that she's a judger where both of the girls are perceivers doesn't help. What a mess. I certainly hope that I can get them both to come for a visit this weekend. I miss them both. I wish they could come and live with me. Hell, they each could have their own rooms here, but I am at work thirty three miles away all day. I'm hoping to take them up the coast, possibly with a picnic lunch or something on the beach. That's so damned much fun. I didn't get to go last year and I figure I've got to get over there more often! I have some paper-journal entries from the trip to Salt Point I am hoping to post, back-dated to 2002, the original date of the trip. There are pictures too. I'm going to post them as soon as I get the damned thing transcribed.

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(see title ^)

That's just me, in my Cubicle of Depravity.

Hi there! I found your journal through your Zero Agression Principle interest. Love the kitty story, feel for you with your daughters - I hope they come visit!, and nice pics! :)

Do you mind if I add you to my friends list?

By all means, feel free.

Nice to meet you.

Re: By all means, feel free.


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