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How the hell did we wind up like this?

Geeze, what a day. It's overcast again today. This is beginning to be a decidedly unwelcome trend here in the Bay Area this summer. I've been so busy that my head is spinning. I've got ideas for about 10,000 things I want to put in here but I'm being run ragged by a life that has suddenly forced me to be very industrious. Sheesh!

This morning I am getting a crash course in capacitor bank controls. As I have been here, I pick up more and more, and I have been here six years now, but I'm getting the in-depth lessons because I am moving into working on the code for these critters. Previously, I had been writing code for test equipment and switch controls. I'm kind of acquiring a power engineer's knowledge by osmosis on a very drawn out schedule of courses. My brain is full this morning. I owe ingenuemuse an apology: in limited areas, it is possible to think "too much."

Last night I strained my brain cranking out a proposal letter for a patent attorney. Robert has had the idea for bringing in a patent law firm to help us with McGuffin and we're trying to see if they will trade some time on the delivery of their fees for equity in the company. If this plan goes, investors seeing that we have our intellectual property ducks in line may be more eager to get involved. Robert, Don, Tom, and I are meeting today with a lawyer to discuss the letter and the process of bringing the patent lawyers in. Ha! It's funny. We need a lawyer to deal with our lawyers. A word to soccer_mom56 and fearsclave: you guys must make out like bandits! I knew I went into the wrong field. Heh heh.

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