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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

The stuff you find when you're not looking for it...

It's a beautiful day out today. The sun is shining and was warm here this morning. I've been sacking out and getting up earlier for the past couple of weeks. I got up around 4:30 I got here around 7:00 this morning. Since I didn't get to bed before 11:00 last night, I am a tad tired.

I've been Googling myself again. That's too much information, I know, but I admit it. Googling, is not just for perverts, anymore. You find out the damndest things doing a search on yourself. Just now, I found that my journal, and probably the journal of damned near everyone else on LJ is being extracted to a site somewhere in Russia. The site is called LJSucker, which probably refers to their practice of extracting data from LJ. My joural is there, as well as everyone else's, as far as I can tell.

It appears that the people who run this site have ported the LJ code as well, because you can comment to journals anonymously and there is a standard comment form which pops up when you hit the comment link, and it works. A word of warning to anyone reading this: DO NOT go log in there. I looked, and my doppleganger journal does not have any of the friends-only or private posts, so these guys have not breached LJ security. The only data they have is that which can be obtained publicly. This site may just be a set of test data for someone building LJ search tools or it might be the makings of a hoax site or some sort of trojan horse in the making. Don't give them your password by attempting to log on to "your" account.

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Well, duh! The Agency is very thorough.

Nobody suspects The Renaissance Agency, until it is too late!

If it were the Agency, wouldn't The Count know? I thought I was a Certified Bad-Guy&tm;! He is, isn't he? After all, The Count is the one trying to get ▲Thespiades condemned to a session in the Orgasmatron&tm;, isn't he? The Count is the one trying to set up Lady Chichippy and Stheno for the big, nude, strawberry jello, no-holds-barred, lesbian, cage-match, cat fight and BDSM dominitrix slap-off session, right? Wouldn't The Count have a need-to-know, concerning this little Russian caper? Heh heh.

Um... you know LJ is open source, right? :) They can get all that code for free... and there are myriad LJ-downloading tools.

Yes, yes, I know that perfectly well.

DeadJournal uses the open-source code developed by Danga Interactive. The point is, DeadJournal is not extracting data from LiveJournal's site. The members there have their own blogs. What's curious is the Russian's use of the open-source code, not the fact that they have it.

Thanks for the heads up. How odd and creepy!IT is beautiful today, but very warm. I feel the warmth at every stoplight when the the engine heats up as well as the leather I'm wearing on the bike. UGH!!!

Motorcycles? Leather?

That sounds like so much fun. You tease. *snerk*

Re: Motorcycles? Leather?

Me a tease? Never! Okay...maybe just a little. ;)

This is an anonymous test post to my journal at LJSucker

Does the test post show up in the journal, or elsewhere?

Re: This is an anonymous test post to my journal at LJSucker

Holy Smoke, it's a god-damned mirror! I posted the above comment over at the Russian site, and it had a link local to the Russian site. How in the Hell did it end up here?

Re: This is an anonymous test post to my journal at LJSucker

It's probably not that they're sucking LJ, but that it's just a "wrapper", something that redirects traffic from their site to/from LJ's. They *could* sniff passwords that way, but that's about it.

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