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He's my next of kin, the opposite of Zen, meet my evil twin...

It's overcast and cool here again, after several days of sun, and my sense of gravitas has gone right down the toilet this morning. It's too Friday for me to take the day seriously. I've been chasing bugs all week at work. I've been pulled off my project to put out fires that nobody else seems to have the time or expertise to chase and now I'm trying to get my head back together on my original project, but I don't want to start up anything complicated on it and have to drop it for the weekend and come back to it cold on Monday, so I have devoted myself to tying up loose ends. Of course, since I'm not taxing my brain with this simple bookkeeping kind of task, it's plaguing me with flights of fancy into the absurd, which it is won't to do when it has spare processor ticks to which to devote to something frivolous. Heh heh.

Random Thought Attacks

You know, everybody always says that they hate to be pigeon-holed, and yet somebody had to invent this disgusting activity! Well, at least now we know what happened to the passenger pigeons...

This morning on the radio I heard this commercial about some event at a mall being put on by a cosmetics manufacturer Estee Lauder (being able to spell this has probably called my masculinity into question among some of the people likely to read this). Anyway, this "event" features some sort of award-winning makeup "artist?" designer? whatever you'd call persons in this profession...and it's a guy. The first thought to run through my head was, "I wish I could find someone to bet me that this guy is not gay."

Anyway...what's up with that? Why do so many gay guys want to go into a career where they spend their time making women look more delicious for guys? I mean, how many straight guys say to themselves, "Hmm, what an interesting career idea: a straight man advising gay guys how to spiff up and get more butt!" That's just confusing. Maybe I'm coming at this problem from the wrong direction. Whoops, there goes the innuendo alarm, er... Maybe it's a kind of karmic-balance kind of thing. I mean, they've climbed out of the breeding pool and shirked their sacred duty to make more humans, and so this is their attempt to "give back to society." Call it "vicarious breeding." They spiff these women up all pretty and make them more attractive to straight males so they end up married with a belly full of babies and the gay guy then is able to feel that he has contributed to the provision of the next generation. Mental note: The next time Robert and I have lunch with Rob and Herb ask Rob if he has any insights into this phenomenon.

I'm hooked on KFOG's Local Scene CD. I love finding neat-o music. This particular CD is, I believe, an annual compilation of local Bay Area talent by the radio station's music director. It's really good! I don't think there's one track on this thing that I don't like. Right now I'm looping Megan Slankard: "Too Bad You." When I got the thing, I screwed up and ordered an extra by accident, and so I sent it to someone. My problem is that I can think of a couple more friends that would probably enjoy a copy too. Ach! My wallet gets mean and skinny every time I find something like this and start playing music pimp. Ah well, it's a moot point anyway. I just checked the KFOG website and they're sold out. It figures.

Oh geeze...I just found out that my evil twin prolixfootle is on the same wavelength that I am (the non-serious Friday absurd thoughts) and this cannot bode well for the Earth. Stop thinking with my brain, Footle!

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