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Come on, come on, jump a little higher

What a nifty mid-week. The sun is up and bright today. This is certainly an improvement over the overcast mess it was yesterday morning. I still say that it is really an unusual summer here this year. Life does look better after a good hard sleep. Too bad I didn't get enough two days ago. Fortunately, I have been managing a little better in keeping a reasonable retiring time. I'm good to rock and roll today.

Well, I'm back to my feisty but amicable self, for the most part. Yesterday was my younger daughter Shannon's birthday. She's eleven this year. I saw that she was on-line, and tried to IM her a happy birthday, but she was away from the computer last night. They've already started up school for the season. She and her sister are likely to be down for a visit this weekend. I'm still considering what to get her. It's got to be something that she'd really like, that suits her, but that would be something that reflects my particular "idiom" as well. Hmmm. Still thinking.

This morning I got hung up in a moderately serious traffic jam. I had already made a late start of it, around 8:00. I turned on the radio and discovered that the jam was the result of an accident on 680. Apparently, a truck hauling toilet paper wiped out. I was sitting there in traffic imagining nerdy cars traveling down the road past the accident and getting toilet paper stuck on their rear tires.

You hear the damnedest things on the radio, some of which, I wonder why I needed to be informed. The case in point this morning: the story is, that actor Russell Crowe got into some trouble while drunk and fighting, in a bar, with his bodyguard, and bit him. Apparently, the bodyguard had tactlessly advised the actor that perhaps it would be a good idea for the actor to spend some more time with his wife and child (and less time in the bar, probably). Hmmm, talk about a rough third-shift. Thank Heaven I learned of this before the November vote! Is this news?

Of course, this was not the only incidence of TMI on the radio this morning. In Athens, Greece, a woman flying home to the U.K. had some trouble with airport security. Something set off the metal detector in the boarding area. When the security people wanded her, the detectors found metal in the area of her pelvis and crotch. Of course, upon hearing this, I immediately thought "chastity belt." Of course, I was right. Power to the kinky and prurient-minded! *ahem* I mean, what a churl her husband was to send his poor wife on an air-trip in such a state. Exhibitionism or inadvertent spousal mortification? I wonder if she's going to carve her initials in him or screw his brains out when she gets home. You never can tell with women. Heh.

I did hear two really neat brand new tunes on the way to work. REM: "Leaving New York" and John Fogerty: "Déjà Vu All Over Again", which sounds like an anti-draft/anti-war tune. Hmmm, perhaps Mr Fogerty is getting flashbacks to his Credence Clearwater Revival days from this Iraq quagmire. Better run through the desert...

When I got into Alameda this morning, I saw a man sweeping the street in front of his house. He was wearing a down coat. Who in the hell wears a down jacket in Alameda, in August, at 10:00 in the morning? I have not worn a jacket, except a couple of times, in the dead of night, in the middle of winter, since moving to California. This is not an isolated incident. I see coat-wearers all the time when I go to lunch. Just two days ago I saw a man wearing a winter coat around at lunchtime. I also saw a woman wearing a leather ensemble. Okay, I will admit that it did look really really hot, but it must have also been hot as hell too! I'm glad I'm not doing her dry-cleaning. Whew! From where do these people come, that they feel cold in the middle of the day in high summer, Death Valley?

Robert and I think we have found a new way to get some funding for McGuffin. Robert has a design for a low-cost drop-in replacement for BBRAM chips, allowing a faster, more reliable, lower power, and cheaper non-volatile RAM act as a replacement for older designs currently using five volt BBRAMs. If we can get in touch with a couple of distribution channels, we may be able to sell these memory replacement packages to current users of five volt BBRAM. Robert already mentioned to our current employer the possibility of patenting this design, but our employers have foolishly brushed him off even though they themselves are using the design and would have to pay royalties if someone else patented this technology before we did. Fools. Robert and I want to patent it independently then and make some money on it, if our employers wish to toss golden eggs into the trash can, but we are worried that after we go to all the work and it starts to look lucrative for us, the company may want to come back in and demand the money. We need to talk to the lawyer, Greg, and see what he says about protecting ourselves from this eventuality. If it's possible, we may be in like Flynn. These things could conceivably rent us some commercial office and electronics lab space as well as fund our salaries for two or three years while McGuffin is getting developed, if all of the cards fall as we need them to fall. Tom and Robert and I are pretty excited by the possibility.

Monday morning, I picked up a box from the post office with a bunch of stuff for Shannon's birthday from my mom. Mom also sent me another pile of DVD's.

Monday evening, I got a bunch of pictures from the beach trip Shannon and I took two weeks ago. I'll probably stick them into here tomorrow, after I get them scanned.
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