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Hubris -- Hardware engineers: can't read their code, can't shoot 'em.

Why is it that just because electrical engineers understand processors and digital logic, and have gone to the trouble to memorize the two dozen or so keywords of a couple of programming languages, they are now also qualified to be thought of as software engineers?

Here's a clue: YOU'RE NOT.

I'm an embedded software engineer, which means that I understand the hardware and how it works, for the most part. I would never presume to attempt to design it.

Embedded hardware engineers should not delude themselves into believing that they are softare engineers if they want my respect. Most of them couldn't design and code their way out of a paper bag.

Fortunately, my McGuffin partner, Robert, and I understand full well where our strengths and weaknesses lie. I just wish the rest of the people who worked at our day job location did.
Tags: ponderings and curiosity, rants, work
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