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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

If you really must know...

I've posted a variant of this meme before, but since I recently indulged both prolixfootle and fearsclave on this one I think I'll post it again and see what kind of curiosity I stir up. Be warned though, if you ask, you have to follow all the rules and I'll ask three in return when you post this. Heh heh.
If you want, you can ask me 3 questions, no more no less.

Ask me anything you want. Really. I'll answer anything (like it or not)!

Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including me) to ask you anything. If you want to, of course.

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Since you were such a dork about it, I won't *ask questions*, this time.

1) Boob.

2) Oven.

3) Fish.

I thought I was the dork...

We can all be dorks together! Yay! =P

There's nothing like an invitation to free-associate.

  1. Jeremy
  2. Pizza (drool)
  3. fearsclave

Re: There's nothing like an invitation to free-associate.

Ah, crap, you went and ruined it *too*. WHAT IS IT WITH YOU PEOPLE?


1. MacGuffin has made you a multi-millionaire. What do you do?
2. You can meet and have a long conversation with any single living person. Who would it be, and why?
3. What is the best piece of advice that you’ve ever received?

Sorry it took so long to get back to you on this...

  1. There's nothing like opening with the big scary question, is there. As much as I think about this constantly, you'd figure I'd have a pat answer ready for this one. I don't. In the short run, I suppose I'd spend some of the returns on friends and family. My daughters need more spoiling, and my parents could stand to see some changes in their lives. I think I could be more realistic about getting them to move to California. Heh heh. Bob Schultz's tax honesty/reformation movement could use some more support as well as a few other liberty, anti-empire, and free-market education initiatives, such as Lew Rockwell, Anti-war, and Ludwig von Mises. Long term, given that McGuffin is a success, I'd be looking for applications for McGuffin, in the hopes of changing a few things in the world that I think need improving.
  2. Only one person? The hard part is that it has to be a currently living person. Had you opened the field to include persons now dead, I would have said Ayn Rand. It would have been fun to argue with her over the merits of Roy Child's open letter. Another fun dead person would have been Murray Rothbard. As it is though, I don't put much stock in the "Great Man" view of life. I think most everyone has more potential than they realize. There are plenty of people with great ideas, and plenty of good ideas which have been advanced since the beginning of recorded human experience. To be exposed to these ideas, one doesn't have to sit down with the person who came up with them to avail oneself of their originators' thinking, wit, or wisdom. So I really feel no pressing desire to sit down and chat with someone just because they're famous, learned, and/or powerful. Naturally, this narrows the list down to people I find personally interesting, but whom I've never met. On that basis, I'd like to talk to ingenuemuse. My reasoning runs as follows: From what I've read, she's bright, well spoken, fun, sexy, fascinating, has a wonderful sense of humor, and in general, sounds like a fun person with whom to hang out, not to mention the small fact that what she writes charms the hell and guts out of me. There is interesting subtext in most of the things she writes. She also sounds like the kind of person who says more in conversation than what she writes in correspondence or blogs. In other words, she's a talker. I think it would be fun to hear what she likes to talk about, once you get her going.
  3. Wow. You ask the scariest question first, and the hardest question last. I collect advice and vicarious experience from so many quarters, it's often hard to keep track of its origin after it's been incorporated into my philosophy and experience base. Often, what I learn comes to me in pieces, or accumulates, like a deposit, until it achieves enough mass to reach a tipping point and then it changes my beliefs and actions. Perhaps the best advice, in capsule form, came from my high school English lit teacher who said: "Carpe Diem" -- "Seize the Day." I don't really know how effectively I put that advice into practice in the larger scheme of things, but I guess that it is something that I try to do.

1. Why is it that most people seem to like being asked questions more than they like asking them?
2. Desert island, yadda yadda, only one food and it has to be of the instant "just add water" variety. (Hot water is okay.)
3. What would you like to go back and tell your teenage self? (Put differently, what would you like to have known?)

  1. I hadn't really noticed this phenomenon, myself. I suppose that it has to do with the fact that being asked a question gives you a guideline on what to write and you know yourself and can probably come up with an answer to almost anything someone could ask of you, even if that answer is "I don't know" or "None of your business." On the other hand, asking a question means thinking about the other person and attempting to figure out what would be really interesting to know from them and then considering the question to make sure you're not asking something which the other person would consider rude, hurtful, or intrusive.
  2. Well, Ramen Noodles or Cup 'o Soup would probably work. I know that I can eat that stuff. I don't know how long it would be conceivable to eat that solely and stay healthy though.
  3. Well, I suppose that imparting the following wisdom to myself back then would have helped, but I don't know if I would have taken the advice from myself any more than I did from anyone else who was saying some of the same things at the time.

    • Women will not find you weird just because you are attracted to them. They like boys as much as you like girls. They desire the same things that you do and are troubled by the same kinds of things that you are.
    • You spend entirely too much time second-guessing yourself.
    • Practicing a little socializing will make you better at it. Your mother was right.
    • You cannot literally die of embarassment.
    • Read Atlas Shrugged now.
    • Chemistry is not nearly as much fun as computers and writing software.

    These are things I could have said to myself, if I really felt the need to improve my teenaged self. I don't spend much time worrying about that though, really. Things happened for me when they happened, and I am not really all that disappointed in the speed at which I picked up on my adult life. Things happen for a reason, in their own time. That may sound like mysticism to you, but believe me, it's not. Life and living are a complex set of processes which must be experienced in context and sequentially, at "the speed of life". I don't believe that you really can artificially make someone into something they are not ready to be for themselves. The movie, The Butterfly Effect" explored this issue really well, despite being flawed in some of it's premises. I do believe though, that it's possible to be influenced, inspired and given good advice. I'm just not one to regret lessons not learned sooner.

ok, i'll give it a shot

what is your favourite word?
when reading a really good book - what is your preferred beverage?
what was your last argument about and why?

Re: ok, i'll give it a shot

  1. My favorite word is the absolute best one for the occasion. It's really hard for me to pick an absolute favorite, just as it would be really difficult for me to pick an absolute favorite song. I love unusual words, or words with nuanced meanings. I am quite the verbivore.
  2. Diet Coke. If you meant alcohol, then add Bacardi 151 rum.
  3. Do you mean argument or fight? My last argument, which is to say, a disagreement over one thing or another was with dopple over in the single_n_sod_it community. We were discussing a difference in philosophy with regard to sex. I get into arguments all the time, because I'm very opinionated and like to debate in my discussions. I do try desperately not to let them become fights, because I consider that a character weakness to which I am all too prone. Unfortunately, I was a bit brusque with dopple in my use of language due to other irritations which were bugging me that day.

Re: ok, i'll give it a shot

1. great word.
2. i meant non-alcoholic, but good to know...
3. argument...i get too heated when i get argue
and then it turns into a verbal war...i have
to watch that...

Re: ok, i'll give it a shot

You realize that I am not ducking your post of this meme. I'm just taking some time to think of interesting questions.

Re: ok, i'll give it a shot

no worries - after all, i did steal it from you, and gave said credit...i liked the first question someone asked me about talking to someone...i really do admire eleanor roosevelt...
still, take your time - i'll be here all the week...

Dangerous, but I'll think of something (if I don't forget/lose interest).

Listening to Nirvana can be influential when posting. I noticed that you titled your comment in MY LJ, You Know Your Right.

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