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The Infamous "Energizer Bunny Orgasm" Post now reformatted and annotated

I suppose that I should have known when I posted yesterday's observations that that would not be the end of things. Obviously, the original post has caused quite a stir in the author's own friends list already.

Without further ado, here is, with the author's permission, erisian_fields's Infamous Energizer Bunny Orgasm Post. [My comments and asides will appear in red.]

I guess the real name for these are g-spot orgasms. I call them "Energizer Bunny Orgasms" because they just keep going and going and going and going. . . . As long as the stimulation keeps up, the orgasm keeps right on going (at least for me).

There's a trick to making them happen.

The easy way:

Once things have lead up to it and everyone is ready, make sure you're in a comfortable area with plenty of room. Girls on your backs, knees bent, and comfy. Guys find a comfy position between her feet so you have plenty of room to use both hands. Both of you be patient. These things take time and experimentation, but they are more than worth it.

It works quite nicely during oral sex, but manual stimulation is good, too. A vibrator wouldn't be out of place if everyone is comfortable with one (guys, just keep the vibrator away from your teeth, explaining how you chipped or broke one would be just too mortifying!). [In my opinion, it's the oral sex part that takes the cake here, plus it's such a power-trip for us guys to be able to do this freaky wonderful stuff to the women we love. As for those with a hankering for mechanical assistance, there are special vibrators designed just for ease in reaching that spot. They're curved upward, somewhat abruptly, at the end, instead of straight or just slightly curved.]

After a suitable amount of teasing, guys, with your hand facing palm-up, insert one, two, or three fingers (whatever she likes). Feel around until you can find her pubic bone. Just above and forward of that is the g-spot. [Forward, in this case, being the "up" direction, given the fact that she's on her back. She says it's around the pubic bone. I say, if you don't have a copy of Gray's Anatomy lying around, figure that it is around the depth equal to the length of the average man's fingers (as the Church-Lady would say, "How conveeenient!") You'll have to fish around, probably, but the more aroused the lady gets the easier it will be to identify the spot.] The flesh there is slightly rougher than the surrounding tissue. It may react to your touch, stroking, or pressure. Finding the g-spot is sort of like finding lumps in gravy with your bare hands while wearing a blindfold. Girls, you'll know when they've hit the right spot--it'll feel like your bladder is full of red-hot pins and almost like you need to pee, but it feels gooooooooooooood. Guys, when you find it, press on the spot, stroke it, rub it in little circles, make rhythms and patterns on it until she reacts. That little area of flesh may change as she gets more and more aroused (I've been told mine gets hard with ridges, like the roof of the mouth). [Well, perhaps not that solid, but yeah, we're talking about tissue engorged with blood here, almost like what guys get with regard to their anatomy, and almost that solid, except that the woman's is internal. There's a swelling and a real firmness there when you're getting to her.] Keep doing what sort of stroke she likes. [Don't be surprised if your victim demands that you keep pushing on that patch of flesh until it feels like you're going to poke clear through her skin any moment now. Although not everybody's the same, I've gotten finger cramps.] Stimulate her clitoris (tongue, lubed fingers, lubed vibrator--whatever she likes best). Get a steady rhythm going, take your time, be patient, and let her get more and more tense and excited.

The big secret: DON'T STOP.

Girls, it's going to feel like you're going to burst, but in a good way. Concentrate on the sensations. Relax. It's a very strange feeling if it's the first time. When he's found the rhythm or stroke you like, let him know! Don't give up. You have to be patient and wait for these to build.




When her orgasm starts, just keep right on doing the strokes and stimulation. DON'T STOP. [Guys, she may buck, be ready for it cowboy. With your face up close and personal like that, and your fingers buried to the hilt, it should be very easy to observe that there are contractions and shuddering which may fall into a distinct rhythm. I find that flicking the lady in the clit with your tongue and matching the flicking exactly to the frequency of these pulses tends to set up some kind of "pleasing neural harmonic," i.e. she flops around like a landed trout, or an epileptic. Be sadistic, show no mercy, she'll appreciate it. ;)]

Girls, you will make noise and you won't be able to stop it. You will buck and thrash and writhe and there's nothing you can do about it. The orgasm will continue as long as you let him keep stimulating you. As you both get more practice at these, the take less time to build up (unless you want the long slow build-up) and last longer as he learns to compensate for the thrashing about.

My experiences with these have been awesome. I have had orgasms so strong that I pulled muscles in my back, buttocks, stomach, and legs. I have had orgasms that have lasted for minutes (I pushed him away [..grabbed my head by the hair and attempted toss it away like a desperate quarterback attempting to ground the football when blitzed by the entire defensive line...] because I thought I was going to pass out [...was afraid of dying and mortified by the thought that it would have to be a closed-casket funeral because the mortician wouldn't be able to remove the terminal grin/orgasm grimace...]). I have yelled (I almost never make much noise) and called out beings I don't even believe in [...some of which would have appalled H. P. Lovecraft...]. These are worth the wait and the work to get them. [To sum up, women are nuts: once you start eating them, you can't stop.]

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