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Weird weather

It's a weird weather day today. It rained on me this morning. That's unusual for San Joaquin County at this time of year. It rained again coming back over the Altamont Pass. Both rains were really very short -- hardly enough to wet the ground. That's more typical of California summer rain. The sunset was fantastic. The whole valley was clouded over with dark clouds, except for the western edge and the sunset was shining in through the gap. It really lit things up. It looked like the whole sky was on fire. The sky was all red with no orange or yellows. It reminded me why I moved out here. About an hour ago there was a thunderstorm here. These are very rare in the Central Valley, and are very very rare in the summer to boot. I was looking out the window and saw a flash on the side of the neighbor's house. My first thought was that the next door neighbor was taking pictures. Then I heard the thunder. One of the few things I miss about coming out here is the thunderstorms. I grabbed a can of Coke and went out back and watched the storm. I really miss the window rattling storms that would last for an hour that we would have in Ohio, but then I don't miss that hot thick soup they call an atmosphere there either. It balances out.
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