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So Happy It's Thursday! Lay me down in the river and wash this place away.

Well, I'm here at work early this morning. I got in around 7:00. Usually, that doesn't happen unless I get up and get into the shower by 4:30. I hit the road shortly after six, amazed by my good timing. I wondered what went faster or what I had forgotten to do this morning. As I was cruising down 580 it occurred to me what it was: I forgot to shave this morning. Oops. You know, you don't miss things like that when you've got a wife or girlfriend to kiss every morning. Ah, you become aware of the obscure benefits at the weirdest times.

Hmm, so much for the best laid plans of mice and men. It's a busy day today, at least this morning. I have the first of the annoying new weekly software meetings to attend at 9:00, and then at 10:00, my yearly performance review. Well, there goes the morning. It's not like I don't have anything better to do, either. I still have that ridiculous code upon which I am working to make sense of. It's idiocy on stilts. Robert and I call this hard labor on old technology giving CPR to dinosaurs, and the place where we work is "The Tar Pit." Fortunately it pays well. Who knows, I may even get a raise today. That would be nice. Obviously, I'm not holding my breath. We're all about to drown in windfall (literally!) business from all of the hurricane damage in the South lately, and everyone around here keeps crying poverty, and no money for raises this year -- usually in the same breath they tell us how valuable our contribution is, and how much work they have for us to do. Right. Come on McGuffin. Robert and I just have to get our ducks in line faster.

In other news, in the conference room right across from my cubicle, work proceeds apace for the team implementing the new Oracle database stuff here. They're doing tutorials and training on the new system. It's about a dozen or so people from here and all over. They're kind of noisy when they don't close the conference room door, which is frequently. They close the blinds on "my" windows, so the sun doesn't glare on the computers they have set up on the table there. One of the guys in there takes a swim in a lake of powerful aftershave or cologne every morning, and I'm suffocating in "Eau d'Overwhelming" from twenty feet away from where he's sitting in the other room! Oxygen please! They work all day in there, and they can see through the interior windows and doorway of the conference room right into my cube. It's like working in a zoo exhibit. This corner of the building used to be so nice and quiet, and private. Now I can't even download BDSM porn and jack off back here anymore! I feel my morale and productivity slipping.

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