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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

The cargo cult of movies has received an air-drop

My mom send her granddaughters a box of presents. In the box was a large air-drop for me, the High Priest of The Cargo Cult of Movies, in addition to birthday gifts for my daughters. Shannon turned eleven on August 24th, and Jackie turned fourteen on September 18th. Neither has visited since before their birthdays, but both of them have said they are coming down this weekend. Oh yes! I am full of machinations.
  • 50 First Dates This was a great movie! Shockingly enough, as much as I want to despise Adam Sandler for his sometimes obnoxiously played comedy, the man is forcing me to respect his talent when he keeps making movies like this one, and Mr Deeds
  • Bruce Almighty Hey, God even looks cool to atheists when played by Morgan Freeman.
  • Next of Kin Okay, what this one lacks in acting is made up for in gratuitous gun battles. Argh argh argh! Gotta balance out the chick flicks with some macho gang warfare. This one is The Godfather meets Deliverance
  • People I Know
  • Bad Company
  • House of Sand and Fog I have heard that this one is supposed to be good. Jennifer Connelly is a fox and Ben Kingsley is a very talented actor.
  • Hollywood Homicide An action comedy crime thriller? Okay, I'm in!
  • Cold Mountain This one comes highly recommended by my friend from work, John G. He's a Civil War History buff and expert war gamer with no patience for hokey historical movies without their historical ducks in line, and he praises this one highly. He's
  • The Hours
  • The Human Stain
  • Mystic River
I've noticed one small tiny consolation in watching movies alone. You can catch the occasional chick flick and get a bit misty in the good spots and your masculinity is not called into question. Heh heh. Anyone reading this is free to speculate on whether or not I'm shamelessly pulling their leg

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Mystic River was good.
The Hours was BORING, but well acted.
Cold Mountain- I found long and dull and walked out.
Hollywood Homicide-Painfully bad.
House of Sand and Fog-Way too melodramatic and silly, but overall high quality of acting makes it watchable.
Bruce Almighty-fairly funny.
50 1st dates- I did NOT like this movie. Adam Sandler is talented, no doubt about it, but I am increasingly annoyed at Drew Barrymore. This movie just didn't have enough laughs for me.

You pull on that leg and it's gonna pull back, Robert.

Interestingly enough, testing4l is way more comfortable crying at movies than I am. (This may be related to the fact that he cares way less what anyone else thinks of him than I do.) It's rubbed off on me, though, albeit just a little: if it's just him, I don't mind, but I'm still embarrassed to cry in front of other people.

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