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Back to Ohio, Part II

I'm leavin' on a jet plane, oh Babe, I hate to go

I went to bed for about an hour last night. I got up again about 3AM and took a shower and finished packing. I drove over to Pleasanton and talked to the clown for a couple of Egg-McNukem's and proceded to Oakland Airport. The line to get through security was insane. Fortunately, I arrived in plenty of time. My flight out left at 6:30 AM this morning. I got stuck in a middle seat, which wasn't really all that bad. I could still look out the window, and the interrior scenery wast too bad, either. The lady who got the window seat was a delicious looking blonde and one of the better-looking passengers on this flight. Neither of us spoke to the other as we were both tired and proceeded to conk out instead of making small-talk.

It is a weird feeling sleeping next to a woman again, after getting used to having a king-sized bed to myself for a year. You notice things: the sound of feminine breathing, wafts of perfume, the faint warmth of another body next to yours, the bumps and nudges of someone else shifting around in close proximity. Strange it was, even though it was only adjacent airline seats. I had gotten used to these things over the course of two decades, and then it was weird to be sleeping alone again. Now I've gotten used to that and I notice the subtle differences again when I've not got a room to myself for sleeping. It is hard to explain. I didn't sleep straight through. The lady with the window seat kept waking up and putting her face to the window, which blocked the sun coming in and the change in the light on me would cause me to wake up. Then we'd conk out again. Maybe I picked up a couple of hours. It would help. I haven't had any in awhile now. I'm running on adrennaline.

Well I went back to Ohio, but my city was...CLOSED!...It was paved down the middle, with some white shit, and I was hosed!

When the plane landed at O'Haire Airport, I found out that a winter storm had practically shut down the state. The flight from Chicago to Columbus had been cancelled as well as three other flights into Columbus, leaving a couple hundred people anxious to grab up empty seats on the two remaining flights when Columbus was open for United flights again. So, I got off the plane and went to go see what I could do about catching a later flight. I ended up in a long long line. It was after standing in line for some time that I thought that it might be a good idea to find out what had happened to my luggage, since I wasn't going to be connecting to the cancelled flight. After standing in another long line, I discovered that my luggage would be loaded on the next flight to Columbus, even if they didn't have enough seats to allow me to accompany it. Oh, that makes sense to me: if I get stuck in Chicago but my luggage is thoughtfully sent on ahead to Columbus.

Like a fool newbie, I checked the luggage with my toiletries and incidentals. Idiot. I'm not going to do that again. Okay, so I don't shave tomorrow. Fortunately, this fine establishment has excellent shampoos and soaps. It really is a luxe kind of deal. I think I like this chain, although I usually don't, which is to say, almost never, get accomodations this nice when I travel.

I am certified harmless in several states, plus Illinois

I did not make it through security without beeping. I have enough metal on me to make a junkyard dog feel at home, belt buckle, pens, paperclips on papers. It never fails. I can't go through a checkpoint without being wanded and patted down. Surprisingly enough for a government operation, the people involved were actually professional and polite in demeanor and function and I wasn't delayed very much, but I did have to "unpack myself" several times between going back and forth between the secured area and baggage claim.

So, us people lusting to get into the Buckeye State spent a very long time standing in lines. We tried to catch seats on the remaining two flights, but there weren't that many to catch. Of all the people who got cancelled, only about half of them got away today. Apparently, it was worst than that, because some of the poor sods had been there since last night. I guess flights have been getting cancelled in the wake of this storm since then.

We got to know each other really well. All we had to do for entertainment today was stand around and talk while waiting. I spent a lot of time chatting with two ladies from Ohio. One of them was a genuine Athens, Ohio native townie. These people are rare. As home to Ohio University, most of the population is only in town for three quarters of a year. The other one is a native of Hillsborough, which is not far from Chillicothe. Of course, compared with California, nothing in Ohio is far from anything else, unless you are snowed in, and the electricity has been off because an ice storm has taken out the lines. Mom and Dad's house is out. Granny's house still has power, but then she's right in town too.

These guys think of everything. There's even a video game attached to the large screen TV. The bed looks extremely inviting, whether to make love on or sleep on. It is very soft, yet firm and is covered with pillows of all kinds: neck rolls and shams and regular old pillows, but of a very high quality. I'll probably catch an hour's nap on it, but I'm terrified that I am so tired and that bed so damned comfortable that the wild CD/Radio alarm clock in this room will not be able to wake me in a couple of hours. This is unusual for me, because I usually have trouble sleeping in a hotel room for the first night. Of course, given that I'm debating blowing off sleep again today and eyeing the foil packet of gourmet coffee and the coffee maker, perhaps I am still being true-to-form. When I checked in, I saw an add which looked interesting. It was for an "authentic Chicago pizza" place. I was tempted to have them deliver one to me, as I missed dinner, but then I realized that when my California-time watch says 10:30 PM, it means that it is 12:30 AM the next morning in Chicago.

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