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I'm thinking that 2005 is off to a decent start.

Future complications in the strings between the cans

Once upon a time, I used to believe in resolutions. I never used to keep them. I came to realize that a resolution made merely because the calendar had rolled over were an affectation, and as such, I couldn't take them seriously. I don't remember the year that I made my last resolution. I do remember that I resolved that if something was worth doing, it was worth doing in it's proper time, and that I would make no more empty resolutions and merely do things when it was the proper time for doing them. I have, for the most part, kept this resolution, at least the part about making no more artificial resolutions.

The horizon has been defeated, by the pirates of the new age.

I've just returned home from another evening with Robert and Tom, working on McGuffin. We spent several hours in an Alameda restaurant called "Jim's" tonight, trying to explain ourselves and our project on paper to someone who may have the resources and knowledge to help us get this thing off the ground. I think we're getting there. After tonight, the three of us are pretty much agreed that the next step is to put the company's finances in order and set up the monetary mechanisms necessary to provide the company a circulatory and digestive system. I feel like Dr. Frankenstein: "Give my creature life! Ha, ha, ha!" I am hoping that this next phase of development will not be as tedious as the previous has been. We need to maintain the momentum. This thing can work, if we can just get it off the ground. All signs so far have been positive, but those signs and successes have been slow to come and small so far. I fear that when things take off they will fly like a wild horse out of a burning barn. Our mettle has not yet begun to be tested.
Tags: day in the life, mcguffin, ponderings and curiosity

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