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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

I hate the smell of plastic construction sheeting in the evening! Smells like...lowered productivity

What a day. What a week. I am so burnt today. I have been busier than a cat on a marble floor. My knees ache like a bad day at skating practice. Construction proceeds apace here at my place of employ. They've sectioned off a large chunk of floorspace which used to be cube-farm and sealed it off with floor to ceiling plastic sheeting to keep the dust down. I have decided that I do not like the smell of this plastic sheeting wafting through the air. That's it. One too many hostile stimuli today -- I'm going home. Somebody cover me while I make a break for the door.

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"busier than a cat on a marble floor."

What a delightful mental picture. *giggles*

My grandfather taught me that one when I was a boy.

Run Cristo Run!!!

Seriously...like run and hide in Napa! ;)

Hmmm there's possibilities...

I could go on a wine-tasting bender, and insult all of the natives with my collossal wine ignorance! Heh heh. I would definitely need a trusty native guide to be able to survive a safari to Napa. Heh! I almost typed "trysty" -- is my mind on the prurient, or what?

Re: Hmmm there's possibilities...

I think your on a rampage. Hmmm.

Naughty!! ;)

Inhaling those toxins all day long has already modified your genetic makeup, certainly.

The first two mutants I unleashed on the world haven't decimated Western Civilization yet.

Soon you'll become addicted to the plastic sheeting smell. You'll furtively snip bits of plastic and stick them in your pockets so you can sniff them later at home. ;)

I'll just have to risk it, and if it happens I'll just have to stick it in the closet with all of my other fetishes, heh heh.

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