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I finally got sick

Amazingly enough, I have a cold. Unbelievable. I can't remember the last time I had a health issue of any kind. It has to have been two or three years ago. I'd blame my daughters, who are here and also have colds, but it felt like it was coming on Friday night just after I picked them up. They have an alibi. My lips are parched and my nose is running profusely. It's red and cracked from blowing it. The back of my throat has a bit of an irritation from the drainage and I've got a couple of minor aches and some pressure in the sinus above my left eye. I've been very sleepy and catching small naps off and on. Other than these minor irritations, the novelty of the situation is almost worth the inconvenience. Heh heh. I had almost forgotten what it's like.

Life, so they say, is but a game, and they let it slip away.

We've been hanging out in the bedroom eating pizza and playing the videogames I got them for Christmas since they got here, although Jackie has actually completed some of the homework she told me about before she got here. Mostly, we've been playing Super Mario Brothers Smash Melee, but I am also addicted to the video game version of The Incredibles, which I got for Shannon. The latter is a hillarious game and it was an even better movie. I would recommend it to anyone, adults or children. There's a good story under that Pixar cartoon. Fortunately, they have tomorrow for a holiday, so she can enjoy some GameCube with Shannon and I, and still have plenty of time to finish. It's a beautiful, sunny, 54° F or warmer, here in Livermore and it is too nice to spend entirely indoors.
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