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Can 50 people keep a secret?

Actually, surprisingly enough, they can, sometimes. The entire contingent of emploids here at work just ambushed Jenni, our HR person, and gifted her with a big spray of roses and a month of coffee or whatever at Starbucks, after serenading her with a tear-invoking rendition of Happy Birthday in glorious fifty-part disharmony. Heh heh, she kept fanning herself with the birthday card, apparently in hopes that it would keep the blush down. There is nothing like a good machination which comes to fruition, and my hat is off to Deborah, one of our purchasing agents, who instigated the whole plot and sent out the e-mails soliciting donations and implementing the logistics and tactical maneuvering. Note to self: Do not ever give this woman reason to plot against me! Personally, I'm kind of adverse to being the target of such thoughtful surprises, but I enjoy seeing them happen when other people are the target.
Tags: day in the life, infomania
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