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Haven't you heard? It's a holiday. What in the hell are you doing at work?!

For anyone who reads this, in case they've been living under a rock and totally disconnected from all that is hip and happening, today is the birthday of one of my earliest and dearest LJ friends, the sweet, savvy, mildly snark-witted, foxy, comely, and internationally famous (okay, one day soon, you'll see) ingenuemuse!

So won't you smile for the camera. I know they're gonna love it.
Happy Birthday, Topaz!
Party hearty. Get lots of toys. Have many happy returns, Wonderful.

Everyone go over to her page and spam her with congratulations and well-wishing comments until she can't stop grinning: It's good for her, and I like to see it.

Tags: birthday, exuberance, family and friends, infomania, muse

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