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Life is what happens when one is too busy to write about it.

What I meant to post yesterday.

Life is what happens to you when you are too busy to notice. I think I believe it. Gah. I have been busier than a cat on a marble floor lately. It was a beautiful spring day today, a tad cool, and very breezy, but all in all, a pretty nice day. The sunshine is certainly an improvement over the rains that went down last night. Perhaps that is the last of them until fall. Frankly, I am tired of winter, even if it is a mild, California winter, where the daytime temperature rarely drops below 50°F. I am more than ready for that relentlessly sunny California summer.

For the past four days, I have been flat on my back in bed, staring at my bedroom ceiling and reading juvenile Robert Asprin science fiction stories. The weekend before last, I strained my back taking a weed-eater and lawn mower to my horribly overgrown yard. Tuesday, it started getting "twingy" on me, and by Wednesday evening it was pretty sore. Fortunately, I managed the drive from Alameda to Sacramento Wednesday night to pick up my daughters for their time with me before it decided to go completely south on me. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I could could barely get out of bed and hobble decrepitly to the bathroom. Due to the incapacity, which deprived me of my obsessive online life, I was unable to wish happy birthday to some friends of mine, when I wanted to do so. The eloquent, funny, and well-traveled emmabovary had a birthday on Wednesday. I also wanted to warn all of our mutual friends not to wish prolixfootle a happy birthday on Wednesday, either, as he hates to be reminded of his birthday, when it is his birthday. I provide this public service annually. Fortunately, We can all extend felicitations to him now, since his birthday is days past. It was also the witty and prolific eithnepdb's birthday as well, on Friday, and I missed that. Heh. No cake for me.

Actually, I haven't had a lot of variety in my diet over the weekend. My daughters and I ate delivered pizza for two days, because I couldn't get out, but by Saturday night, I managed to drive to the grocery store and shop with them. Geeze, but they go through supplies like an army of ants. They got a bunch of stuff that I'm pretty sure they don't get when their mother takes them grocery shopping. I pointed this out to them but they pointed out that, "Mom can't afford it." Heh! Like I'm made of money.

Unfortunately, my daughters do see me that way, to a certain extent, kind of a walking wallet. Of course, the ex-wife tended to look at me that way as well, for extended periods throughout our marriage. When we were living in Lodi, I was on the road for three hours a day through the week just commuting to my job in Alameda. Their mother pointed out all the time, how I was "never around" and no doubt continues to gleefully do so. That's some pretty big hypocrissy, considering that she was one of the primary reasons we didn't move any closer to my job. Feh. At any rate, they mentioned this little bit of information to me in the car on the way to Livermore last Wednesday. It stung, although I am certain that they did not intend that, as it was an offhand remark. Certainly, I believe that I was much more involved with my family than many other men would have been in my position. Unlike their mother, I certainly never attempted to detatch as much of my life from my family as she did. She never got tired of telling us all how much we chafed her lifestyle, and how much she never got enough time to "do the things she wanted to do by herself." Heh, as if we were holding her in durance vile. The truth is, she did as she pleased, often even when it meant that someone else had to clean up the mess. At least my children never heard that kind of stuff from me. Ah well, that's neither here nor there, now. Things are what they are. Perhaps they will come to see things differently, as they get older. It's not like they don't enjoy the time we spend together, even if I was boring as hell this past weekend.

So much has been happening lately that it is hard to recount what is going on. I have had so much to write, and yet so little time to write it. How many ends of candle can I burn? I honestly don't know. How much is too much? On the ninth of this month I went to court to see if I could get an agreement with the ex on how much money she's going to get out of me every month. What the court originally gave her is ridiculous. If I knew a year and a half ago, when this idiocy got stared, what I know now, I would have got myself a lawyer much sooner and started looking out for my interests, instead of allowing everything to default. Naturally, Crystal dug in her heels and decided not to negotiate anything. Typical. My lawyer wanted to make some sort of deal with her, and I was not averse to that, but apparently, the Lionel Hutz (obscure Simpson's cartoon reference) she hired must have told her that she could "have it all" by the way she was acting. Perhaps not though, because that's just how she is naturally. If she's paying that fool anywhere near what I am paying for my lawyer then she's getting screwed.

Since we couldn't reach an agreement, the thing went to a hearing. The judge sat at the bench entering notes into a laptop computer. I didn't get a really good read on him, but he seems like a pretty fair individual. My lawyer had herself together really well on this, and I think she made a lot of points. I don't want Crystal getting any more money from me except for my daughters. Child support is one thing, but spousal support, after the way she has behaved and after the situation in which she has herself now, is totally outrageous. She's her new whatever-he-is's problem now, not mine. You only get one family, at least, one at a time, and she has it. It is past time for her to get entirely out of my life. We've been divorced for a year, next month and she's due to drop another child. She has no more claim for money out of my pocket. Gah. The damned court granted her a divorce; where in the hell is mine? I loved the part where she was asked whether she felt entitled to money from me and all she could answer was, "I wish I didn't need it." How lame, but it was surprising to see her conscience operating that way. Even she knows that she's being a total sponge. With any luck, the judge will agree, but he may sit on the decision for up to ninety days -- and this one loves to ruminate, according to my lawyer.

McGuffin is proceeding slowly, even though Robert and I have been devoting much more time to the project lately. I've been over at his house in Berkeley almost every night, working until nine or ten o'clock and then driving the thirty five miles home to Livermore, up until the middle of last week. It was getting kind of hectic, until this weekend. My sleep was starting to get a bit thin, and I definitely have been neglecting things I should be doing around my house. There is so much to do. Currently, we are preparing information for our potential patent lawyer. The paperwork and documentation for this thing just never ends. In addition to this, Robert has resigned from the company where we have our day jobs. It was not entirely his decision. Apparently, he has been entirely too free with his plans and our employers started to fear that he would leave to work on McGuffin full time in the middle of a large project upon which the company is soon to embark. They not-so-subtlely "encouraged" him to resign now, so they wouldn't be replacing him in the middle of the project, so he did.

Some of the people here decided to throw a goodbye lunch for him over at the Pasta Pelican restaurant this afternoon, which was kind of fun. There was a surprising turnout. I had bolognaise, which is really tasty. It was organized by Deborah J., who has sort of made herself responsible for being the company's auxilliary social director. Heh. She's an extrovert. I went into her office this afternoon to settle up for lunch -- twenty people spent about three hundred dollars for lunch over at the Pelican, which is good Italian food -- and she was showing me some of the most interesting pictures she had taken in Egypt. We have some people here who are really good with a camera. Rob T. took a bunch of pictures, as is typical for outings among this bunch. Maybe I will post a few, when he finishes tweaking them.

I'm going back over to Robert's house this evening. With any luck, we'll be able to put together enough information to convince our patent lawyers that they want to take this patent application for us on contingency -- deferred payment until we get funding -- for a cut of the equity in the company we are fouding, once we can find a backer or two. There's just so much writing to be done. This project has been quite an adventure, but it is also quite a lot of work.

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