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The world was damp when I got up this morning, but at least it wasn't still raining. I like rain a lot, especially thunderstorms, which tend ot be rare here, except for this year, but I'm kind of getting tired of the winter/spring rainy season and am looking forward to the nice sunny dry days of summer. It rained again Sunday evening, beginning about the time I left Robert's house. It came down pretty hard, and listening to it outside, later when I got home, made me restless for company. Usually, I don't get that way -- dissatisfied with solitude. I'm pretty self-contained -- remarkably so, to hear some of my friends talk. It's true that I got a lot of satisfaction out of being married and wrapped much of my life up in my family, but I have become re-adapted to being without that now, for the most part. Most of the time, I am too busy to notice, although I sometimes wonder if it is that I do not notice because I am busy, or if it is that I am busy because I do not wish to notice. No, that's just silly. I'm sure that it is the lack of sleep that threw off my balance.

For that past week Robert and I have been attempting to explain McGuffin on paper so that the patent lawyers with whom we have been working can decide if they want to consider taking the initial patent work on contingency. I have been at Robert's house in Berzerkeley from the time I get off work to sometimes ten o'clock in the evening. My house and things here which need doing have been getting neglected. Tonight we think we have a good document together and Robert is going to take it to them tomorrow afternoon. After that, the ball will be in their court. They keep coming back to us with questions, and I am not sure whether that is good or bad anymore. On one hand, they wouldn't be spending so much of their valuable time asking us questions and having meetings with us if they weren't interested, but on the other, you'd think if they were, they would be eager to get down to business. Ah well, we will see where this goes. We can do no better than our best.

Friday, we had lunch at a Viet-namese restaurant with Tom's friend, Ted, a natural resources developer and prospector. Ted is looking to help us find some investment money and will buy-in himself, once a couple of deals upon which he is working come to fruition. Robert, Tom, and I can only hope that this is soon, not for the least reason that Robert is presently out of work and has not been looking for another job in order to pursue McGuffin. Of course, we want Ted to invest in the project because of more than just money. We are hoping to profit from his advice, talents, and contribution to the company. He's an interesting guy. He's an older gentleman, thin, with age-spotted hands and balding scalp with a fringe of white hair. He seems very weathered, but with a toughness about him that dispels the impression of frail old man. There's a lot of energy and ambition still burning in him and I hope I am able to be something like that when I get that old. He's very sharp and personable and illustrates his conversational points with interesting stories and anecdotes.

We spent most of Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday working on our documentation. This evening we put the finishing touches on it. At last. I may have bought myself a week's reprieve. I hope so. I have to get some finances figured out and do the damnable taxes. Catching up on some sleep would probably be a good idea too, as well as getting some things done around here.

Of course, the documentation pressure let-up has given me some more opportunity to think about other things. The other day, I noticed what I thought was a strange looking little car. It turns out that it was a BMW Cooper Mini, which are not all that rare, but I hadn't really paid them a lot of attention until I saw one from the rear on 580, headed home from work. It was an odd little car, to my mind, with sloping sides and boxy appearance. It was gray, with black trim and had a very short front end and a scoop on the hood. I was intrigued by this odd auto and I thought it was a pretty unique design. When I first saw it ahead of me, I smiled to myself thinking, what an odd little car which looks so "cutesy" it has to have a woman driving it. What can I say? Occasionally, I am a chauvinist, of a sort. To confirm my hypothesis, I drove up along beside it so that I could look into the driver's side window.

Holy Hod, was I right! It was a woman all right, but what a shock -- she was gorgeous. I find it amazing to see people occasionally who are so attractive they stop your breathing and set your blood moving. She was thin, but not really "too thin" with chin length, mostly straight, dark hair and dark eyes and a long elegant neck. She had a heart-shaped face and her nose and mouth were perfectly shaped, and she was smiling slightly, perhaps enjoying something playing on the radio. Whew. Heh heh, you see the damnedest things while you are driving. It's amusing and interesting to get such a visceral reaction just from someone's looks. That doesn't happen often with me, despite the fact that I have a rather broad range of likes in female aesthetics.

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