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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

Spring Fever Dreams?

Some of my LJ friends have been going on about Spring Fever lately. I guess, in the abstract, I know what they are talking about. It's not like I haven't felt the stirrings and urges just a little more powerfully in this season. Things are blooming all over the place. I'm sure the air is full of the pheromones of randy animals. Life calls out to life. Women are starting to wear fashions that expose more flesh, and I am certainly noticing, more so lately. I'm reminded of the beautiful lady driving the Cooper Mini. Certainly she posed a nice surprise. It is good to feel your breath catch and the blood sing in your veins. The raw urge to rut is older than civilization and history. But of course, human desire is a lot more than just physical cues.

Certainly these urgings have made my dreams of late quite a bit more interesting. I've had a few doozies which have been about as subtle as bricks upside the head. Generally, I have straightforward sexually themed dreams, which tend to run fairly kinky, and then all of the other types. Sometimes, when I get to start "feeling my oats" the sexual undercurrent starts permeating the "other types," which tends to produce some very unusual scenarios. Just a couple of nights ago, I had a really off the wall one just before I woke up. It is a hot summer day and I am standing in a wide grassy field watching clouds when a woman I knew from high school (and haven't seen or even thought about in years) comes running full-out toward me across the field. She isn't wearing a stitch, which is unusual, because nudity usually does not figure in dreams of mine which had the feel this one did starting out. She is being chased by a man driving a stagecoach. The stagecoach was pulled by two horses which were merely flat pieces of plywood cut into the shape of horses and painted a light blue. The horses don't move, but the coach does, just as if it were being pulled by real horses. The coach is driven by a guy with red hair who looked like a young Ron Howard with a demonic, drooling Jack Nicholson grin on his face and I was somehow able to discern this even though the coach was some distance away. My toothsome friend grabs me around the upper arm and pants at me, "Thank God. Help me. I can't run any further," and as she tries to catch her breath, she turns to look grimly at the rapidly approaching coach and it's mad Mayberry-reject driver. I don't like the looks of the approaching coach, there being entirely too much weirdness about it, so I take her hand and teleport us (it's a lucid dream talent) to a place of which I know. It's some kind of archetypal place because it shows up in my dreams from time to time and I know it and can get there when I want. It's a clearing in a rainforest with a large tree-shaded pool at the base of a cliff into which a waterfall is tumbling. A large flat rock projects out over the pool. It's one of my favorite dream sites.

The lady staggers over to the edge of the pool and begins scooping up and drinking handfuls of water. I sit down on the rock in a patch of sunlight and wait for her to finish drinking. When she finishes, she comes over onto the rock and sits down next to me. Her face and hair are wet from the pool and the rest of her skin is covered in sweat and small bits of grass and grass welts. When her breathing slows, she starts to cool off and then to shiver, so I take off my shirt and give it to her. At this point I can't put off my curiosity any longer, and I ask, "What are you doing here? What was that all about?"

She's still shivering and leans in to wrap her arms around me and get warm. She tells me, "I don't want to say right now. It's...complicated, and you won't believe me or understand." She smells like sweat and grass, and faintly of wildflowers. I sit there trying to figure out why she's in that field being chased, and why she should run into me when I haven't seen her in years. I notice a small black thorny twig in her hair like black locust and I pluck it out and look at it. I start to ponder the mystery. I think to myself that there's no black locust growing in that field and that's when I wake up.

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I'd totally run my fingers through Francisco's hair.

Heh heh, you read the link, I see. I think Francisco was one of Rand's better-developed characters. If she hadn't been more careful, he'd have stolen the novel away from Galt.

Francisco had some of the best speeches in the novel. I've been regularly recommending his wonderful speech about money to thoughtless "money is the root of all evil" advocates for decades. I've even reached a few over the years.

Alas, though, my breast obsession would have made me fall short in Miss Rand's eyes. I'll ogle a busty statist unapologetically. :-)

Yes, Rand really did know how to "talk dirty" didn't she! What a hot wench. If you scroll up the page from where that link puts you, you will find "The Money Speech."

I daresay that rand would have a hard time criticising your "obsession" when, from all that I have read, she was quite a kinky girl herself. In quite a bit of what she's written, there are subtle and not so subtle streaks of sexual submissiveness which show through.

This entry, on my friends page, is right above this comic.

WOW. Holy Coincidences!

That is one of my all-time favorite Calvin and Hobbes cartoons! How surprising that it should turn up right at this time.

Re: WOW. Holy Coincidences!

WOW. Holy Coincidences!
That is one of my all-time favorite Calvin and Hobbes cartoons! How surprising that it should turn up right at this time.

No, Love. Synchrinosity. :-)

Remember me? I suggested that your back 'gave out,' near the Full Moon. You decided No, because you'd strained it... a few days before. But, why did it take a few days, to 'give out'?

And now, this cute little happening.

Maybe I'll eventually bring you around... to consideration of this {Synchrinosity} thing, at least. :-)

What ARE you driving at?

Certainly I remember you. In fact, if we are going to engage in these interesting discussions, I may as well friend you. I have friended people who certainly comment less. Heh.

Okay, this is a post about dreams, so I suppose a Jungian idea like synchronicity is not out of place. Nevertheless, I still don't know what you are driving at by bringing it up. What is the point of synchronicity in this context? "Messages from beyond" is a quant way to regard the world, but a message whose meaning cannot be decyphered is essentially static. A difference which makes no difference is no difference.

As for my back, yes, it was strained by repetitive twisting motions. It took a couple of days for other uses of those muscles to finally bring them to a "tipping point." This is a feature of chaotic systems -- you can't predict when the value of a series of variables in non-linear cause-and-effect functions (like muscle injury/damage) are going to reach independent values such that the state of the entire system undergoes extensive topology change.

What about "this cute little happening"? Are you implying that you have a theory about this happening's significance? If I did not welcome such, believe me, I would have posted this private. Go ahead and shoot. I may not agree, but I am all ears. Frankly, I don't have a belief in mysticism, but I do think it's a most fascinating reflection of human creativity.

Re: What ARE you driving at?

don't have a belief in mysticism, but I do think it's a most fascinating reflection of human creativity.

Not, Not, Not mysticism. Or "Messages from beyond." :-)

Simply that I see all the Universe as being connected in some way or other. [No, I can't explain how.] And at times, when I'm tuned to something/someone, I *know* things about it/them. That's my form of synchronicity, in a nutshell.

The Full Moon effect on your back-hurt-showing-itself-timing was stretching it a bit, I admit. And so was the cartoon posting right after the similar entry. I surrender. You 'have me'! ,-)

But things have happened in my life, which have convinced even the most "It's just coincidence" type of people. :-) I won't take up your LJ space with details.

And of course, like so much in life, I have no real proof. So, if you need proof, you 'have me' in that regard also. I don't have a scientific mind. You sound as if you could blow me away, with yours. Maybe I should quit, while I'm ahead, hu? ;-)

Thank you so much for the link to Lucid Dreaming info.! I have wanted to learn this. And never found a good 'teacher.' I hope this time, I'll learn.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Yes, eideteker is quite enamored of the subject, as am I. He's also got some respectable talent as a teacher, from what I've read, but he does not suffer fools gladly. Other than that, he's a reasonable fellow, and all around nice person. Perhaps you could friend him and get him to discuss the topic with you. From what I've seen, he is quite knowledgeable on the subject.

Apparently, some people really have to work at lucid dreaming to get it to happen. I've always possessed a rudimentary talent for it, I guess, because I have been able to do it since I was a child and have never really worked at it, although I have been tempted.

I'm sure you haven't missed the role you play in the dream - as a rescuer of the woman. I don't know you very well but from our interaction that fits - that's not a bad thing btw but just an observation.

What's very interesting is how detailed the dream is. Do you often dream that way? I find myself having very detailed dreams as well although not the majority of the time. Long running themes that are not broken up tend to be the exception rather than the rule for me.

Heh heh, role play...

Usually, in dreams like that there's a lot more combat involved. I didn't really see the rescue part as being a key theme here, given the other distracting weirdness, but yeah, you have a point. My working hypothesis though, was that my subconscious was attempting to needle me that I spend too much time thinking. Heh.

I most often don't even remember my dreams. When I do though, this is about par for the course. Actually, this one was a tad light on detail, and it was short too. I don't have long-running themes either, usually. I do have places, things, people, and situations which recur at various times. The Field and The Waterfall are archetypal places that I visit in dreams, either intentionally, or because the dream just happens to take place there. There are about a dozen places like that, in my subconscious, where I go in dreams, or sometimes when daydreaming. I suppose they are something like those subconscious "memory palaces" which memory experts construct as a framework for associating details they do not wish to forget. I doubt that I have the discipline to ever build one of those.

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