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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

Words With Which To Hang Someone

I'm considering writing something, but I was sorting through some old papers of mine which are full of interesting snippets of trivia, (what the ex used to call my "infomania") and I found my list of killer words. I love word games, for the most part. I used to play hangman quite frequently. Once I sat down and came up with a bunch of doozie words which would present real head scratchers to opponents playing hangman with me. There is a nine-letter length restriction because I believe that is the limit for the boxed hangman game sold in stores. I think that just adds to the challenge. They're killer words because:
  • they have unusual letter progressions
  • unusual constructions
  • they have few vowels (or use "Y's")
  • having just a few letters misleads from how the word actually sounds when you have all of the letters
  • guessing one or two vowels actually makes it harder to guess the word because of how they're used

The Killer Hangman Word List:

  1. affluent
  2. amethyst
  3. aphorism
  4. asphyxia
  5. beryl
  6. biology
  7. biome
  8. chloride
  9. chrome
  10. couchant
  11. crucible
  12. cyclops
  13. diachronic
  14. diatom
  15. embryo
  16. escheat
  17. fresnel
  18. funereal
  19. grapheme
  20. grapnel
  21. grisly
  22. grizzle
  23. haughty
  24. hectare
  25. hydroxyl
  26. indices
  27. ingenue
  28. jejune
  29. jejunum
  30. jocose
  31. ketone
  32. kindling
  33. kiosk
  34. laughter
  35. maladept
  36. misogyny
  37. neophyte
  38. nominal
  39. nuclear
  40. nybble
  41. obscure
  42. oracle
  43. origami
  44. phloem
  45. phosphor
  46. phylum
  47. porphyry
  48. pugilism
  49. quixotic
  50. roentgen
  51. rhizome
  52. sphinx
  53. stupefy
  54. syzygy
  55. teleology
  56. topiary
  57. ukulele
  58. ulcerate
  59. ululate
  60. vignette
  61. vinyl
  62. wimple
  63. wisdom
  64. writhe
  65. wrong
  66. yarmulke
  67. zealous
  68. zephyr
  69. zoophyte
  70. zygote

Some Silly Key Memeage

Wardrobe key
You're a slightly tarnished metal key, and you
unlock the wardrobe. At first glance, you seem
to present only simple, everyday things, but
anyone who looks deeper will find much more.
Just don't expect everyone to believe in you,
and those who don't may not grasp your worth.

What sort of key are you and what do you unlock?
brought to you by Quizilla

Now, what in the hell that means I have no idea. I suspect that it is alluding to C.S. Lewis's The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, but I am not certain. Actually, I've never read that book, although I have been tempted upon occasion to pick it up.

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Great list, but I'm pretty sure that some of them are misspelled. :-)

The math and science geek in me loves the fact that "Fresnel" and "nybble" made your list.

D'Oh! That will teach me to trust a hastily scribbled list.

There, I fixed it, and added a couple more for good measure.

Re: D'Oh! That will teach me to trust a hastily scribbled list.

Good job. And even more appealing for a math and science geek, too. :-)

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