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How many stupid things can happen in one day?!

It was an interesting day today. As usual, my friend Robert (just like mine -- see you learn something if you pay attention) and I went for coffee at noon today to discuss our plans to take over the world rescue ourselves from the horrors of a middle class existence. Yes, we are actually building something. Actually, he is building something. I am writing the embedded software for it, when I can curb my insatiable LJ addiction. We're trying to get moving on this project, and it does not help in the least that I am going nutz trying to adapt to living alone and managing a whole house. He's very close to having circuit boards now, which means the heat is going to be on me to get the software. So, I told him why things were going so slowly. I actually told someone from work (namely Robert) that for the past several weeks now I have been living alone because Crystal (finally, to me; suddenly to him) up and moved out on me.

Ugh. There is a reason nerdish engineers (he's hardware and I'm software) don't talk about personal crap. We stink on ice giving condolences to people just like ourselves. It's a nerd-guy thing. At any rate, the awkward condolences did not last long and we could resume our intense discussion of our project, which we hope will rescue us from our evil corporate task-masters, who make us do stupid stuff that's no fun and which they demand be done the wrong way! Anyway, we agreed that the freaking meteor which has subtlely rearranged my schedule for me will now leave me plenty of time amid the ruins to bury my nose in code! Yes, I am not being sarcastic here. I need something to do. Software is a wonderful something to do. It consumes much time and brain energy which would otherwise be wasted worrying that there was nothing available to challenge me. Even so though, it was embarassing to open my mouth about my personal train wreck and yet it was even more embarassing to keep hiding it. It's done now. Maybe I'll give it a couple of months before I mention it to anyone else there at work -- after all, one person who knows is enough, isn't it?

Anyway. I wasted much time gold-bricking and making notes so that I can address prolixfootle's puzzler of a post. I have an angle that not one person on that page has considered, and I am anxious to drop it on Mr. Footle, because I think he needs to hear it. Arrogant much? Thought so. To that end, I made notes today in an e-mail message intending to mail it to myself here at home so that I could answer Footle's post. I left at six o'clock. I forgot to send the message, and it's sitting in the drafts folder of my mail program. This evening, I attempted to log onto my work mail to retrieve it from my drafts folder and found out that my password wouldn't get me in, even though it is supposed to be the same as my network password. If there is a hell, it is run by IT people. Robert says that IT stands for "Institutional Terrorists." Some days I believe him.

This day has been ridiculous, and when my day gets ridiculous, as it has often been wont to do since I have newly embarked upon singledom, I find myself asking "What would ingenuemuse do?" I do this because I am a complete fan of creative solutions to problems, and Muse is one of those people who I think has attacked the single life successfully with many varied and creative solutions to the lifestyle's pitfalls. Yes, I'm talking about you, if you're reading this. You're an inspiration, Dear, which is one of the reasons I friended you in the first place. I really don't have to tell anyone what she would do, when the day gets ridiculous, do I?

Oh! Well, yes, she might do THAT too but, er, but that's not what I meant!

Post a picture!
Slimy mudhole?  This is my home!
Okay Footle, now are you happy? I have posted one. Do not attempt to adjust your set -- I always look this fuzzy. I managed to take this one last evening. I'm warning you people -- subdued snickering is okay, but any snide comments and the next one goes up 1024 x 768 and not behind a nice, polite cut-tag either! Hmmm, that was kind of satisfying. I can see why she likes doing this stuff now. Maybe I should do more, and have 69 versions of myself with the same expression... Damn it Jim, I'm a software engineer; not an actor. Guess I'd best leave that to the professionals and crash out before I fall into my keyboard.

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