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Happy Birthday Mary

Today is the birthday of the accomplished and beautiful, witty and creative, morganaus, whom I have had the inestimable pleasure of calling friend since the summer of 2003!

If you have taste, as opposed to just tasting good, rush to her page now, and wish this most excellent specimen of womanly charm, humor, ambition, and grace, a very happy birthday with many happy returns. I would also add, speaking on behalf of the LJ friends who know Mary, if I may be so bold, to the obnoxious cretins and knuckle-draggers who sometimes accost this terrific lady in real life, "Get your filthy paws off her, you damned dirty apes! You're not worthy! ...and besides I saw her first!" Happy Birthday Mary, I hope that you are having a wonderful day.

Tags: birthday, infomania

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