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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Weatherman Stan Captain Absurd

Star Wars, Kissing Banditry, and Dreams

I took Shannon to see Star Wars: Episode III on Sunday. She didn't like where the story went, and cried buckets. She's inherited theater leakage from her mother, heh heh. The ex-wife used to accuse me of making fun of her when I would laugh when she was doing that. The thing is, I wasn't making fun of her. I'm just not much of a theater leaker, myself. It's happened a few times, I must admit. It happens more often when I am in certain mood states and hear certain music, but usually I don't water up at things. Hey, I have the Y-chromosome reputation to uphold. At any rate, I used to watch a movie and notice the way the plot was unfolding and make little bets with myself over whether the spouse would be crying at a particular scene. Then I'd look over at her and confirm my supposition. In that regard, she was very easy to read. I was almost never ever wrong. It always made me smile and laugh, my ability to know her well enough to predict such episodes. I wasn't making fun of her. I found her sensitivity touching and was charmed by it, but other aspects of our communication left her unwilling to believe that simple truth, which was as much my fault as hers. Ah well, that's in a galaxy far, far away, now.

Apparently, the movie infected my dreaming with its scene/motif this morning. I had another dream I can remember again, but it was terribly short, and given it's content, disappointingly so. If I were a Freudian, I'd suspect that my subconscious libido was putting the smack on my tyrannous super-ego with a club of sensations and imagery. It seems to be a running pattern/theme in my dreaming. It was lucid, which are the kind I remember most often. I know when I am in one of those because I am pulling sensory information on all five channels. Other dreams, which I seldom remember on waking, are usually just auditory and visual and usually less coherent.

She Blinded Me With Science Fiction

I am riding in something which looks like a land speeder from Tatooine. A friend/ally of mine is driving, although he is a 'friend stock-character' and not someone I know outside of the dream. The setting is a desert-like, Middle Eastern-feeling town, like Mos Eisley, on Tatooine from the move, and we are dressed in a fashion similar to that locale. It is there that similarity to the movie ends though. There are no storm troopers, blasters, lightsabers, droids, or "Jedi mind tricks" in evidence.

We pull up to a five story building, whose facade is stucco or sandstone, get out of the vehicle and go inside. The building is like some kind of combination warehouse and library. There are lots of tables and chairs, sparsely populated by humans and aliens, most seemingly engrossed in study, or quiet conversation in groups of two or three. Surrounding this "reading area" are what appear to be some sort of library stacks, although the ten-foot high shelves do not contain books, but rather oddly-shaped polyhedron-like objects which I know to contain various data. This gives the library the look of an auto-parts warehouse. The light coming through the few windows is dim, but not dark, and the artificial lighting is also very low, for a library.

My friend and I are here to discuss the recovery of an object from my house. We must be stealthy, as our antagonists would attempt to stop us if they were aware of our plan, and we are certain "they" are watching my house. We sit down at a table to plot, and I pull an icosahedron, similar to a 20-sided die but a bit bigger than my fist, out of a pouch on my belt. It is similar to the data-polyhedrons on the shelves, and it glows with a dim, warm, yellow light. I'm not sure of its significance, or why I am carrying it, but perhaps it has useful information inside.

At this time, I look up, and I notice that a woman, whom I do recognize from the waking world, is looking at us. When I catch her gaze, she turns away nonchalantly and proceeds to one of the shelves and climbs up a ladder into the shadows among the upper reaches of the stacks. Nobody is supposed to know we are here. I sense trouble, but I am curious. I tell my friend to wait here at the table, and to leave if trouble starts, and I get up and walk over to the opposite side of the shelf row from the woman and climb a ladder on my side, the polyhedron still in my hand. We stand on opposite sides of the "bookcase" looking across the top of the shelves at one another. There are no data-polyhedrons on the top here. She leans in toward me and begins to whisper, very quietly, and I lean in toward her until I feel her breath on my face. I smell faint perfume, and dust. "You're not half so clever as you think you're being," she says.

"What are you doing here, and what do you know?" I counter. She leans in and kisses me. Holy Shazam, that's nice! Her lips are deliciously warm and soft and there is a sweet taste to them. It is at this point that one usually wakes up to find a pet licking one's face -- fortunately, I don't have one. I suspect that her intention is to make it quick, because I feel her pulling away. I quickly drop the polyhedron on the shelf and reach behind her head to keep her from pulling away, and kiss her back. Whee! I'm getting a head-rush -- yes, er, both of them. I'd forgotten how nice that feels, but part of me still remembers.

When the lip-lock finally breaks, she smiles at me, mischievously. "You know," she whispers, and snatches up the polyhedron and jumps to the ground.

"Hey!" I yell...and I wake up.

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My, my, but that's a symbol-ridden dream!

Probably! When I remember a dream, it tends to be one with lots of details.

Any story, with enough detail in it, is probably chock full of symbols, intended or otherwise, dreams moreso than deliberate story-telling.

Re: Probably! When I remember a dream, it tends to be one with lots of details.

Certainly. It's interesting to note the *kind* of symbolism though. Incursions into your home, being watched, physical intimacy as a means of taking something potentially important from you...

Re: Probably! When I remember a dream, it tends to be one with lots of details.

physical intimacy as a means of taking something potentially important from you...

Interesting, yes. But as old as the hills.... ,-)

Re: Probably! When I remember a dream, it tends to be one with lots of details.

Well, yes, Freud dare not show his face without Jung showing up to crash the party. Heh heh. Archetypes, the collective unconscious... dreams can be looked at from that perspective.

Re: Probably! When I remember a dream, it tends to be one with lots of details.

Archetypes, the collective unconscious... dreams can be looked at from that perspective.

Oh I didn't mean anything so deep and elaborate. :-) I simply meant that it was 'old as the hills,' for a woman to 'get what she wants,' by use of instigating physical intimacy.

Men are rather..... well... Let's just say, it works well, an awful lot of the time. If done with finesse. ,-)

Re: Probably! When I remember a dream, it tends to be one with lots of details.

Yeah, there's little that's truly new under the sun. :)

Interesting suppositions.

Kind of symbolism? You are suggesting a pattern here, but being coy about it? I don't mind, really. It's one of the reasons I write these things down. I like sorting through data to find patterns and meaning. I see recurring themes in my dreams all the time.

Re: Interesting suppositions.

I haven't read enough of your dreams to come up with a pattern, and one dream isn't enough to suggest a pattern, but the symbolism in this dream is strongly suggestive of intimacy issues. Then again, it could be just a dream. ;)

Re: Interesting suppositions.

As Freud said: "Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar." Heh heh.

Re: Interesting suppositions.

Exactly. ;)

That lady in the dream? It is you.

Now THAT is a novel theory!

Kind of makes me something of a narcisist, doesn't it? Oh geeze...do I want to go there? That's too funny. Leave it to you to come up with something so surprising.

Re: Now THAT is a novel theory!

I didn't come up with it. It is a common theory in dream psychology that all the people portrayed in one's dreams are acting out the "you", or ego, of the dreamer.

Secondly, it just jumped off the page...her comment about you thinking you were so clever.

Re: Now THAT is a novel theory!

Hmmm. I'll have to think about that. That puts a pretty unusual spin on things.

Dude, last dream I remember involved people wanting to chop of my fingers.

Your dreams are officially cooler than mine.

Comming from a professional web comic creator

That is quite a compliment! Thanks.

Re: Comming from a professional web comic creator

Hehe... I only commented on DREAMS, which I rarely remember. I make no such claims about what goes on in my waking thoughts. :-P

I want to know who the nefarious female was...

You're lucky - all of my SF dreams are post-apocalyptic.

emmabovary seems to think she is me. Perhaps we should ask her to elaborate.

Interesting... she had a beard then?

Not that I noticed.

I just have to say that I LOVE the Dictonary icons. Those are GREAT!

Thank you - you are too kind.

You know, that reminds me...

I have had post-apocalyptic dreams recently. In fact, I still remember most of the details of both of them. One, I was going to post to mondaymicrofic even, but I got distracted.

Re: You know, that reminds me...

What shape does you apocalypse take?

There were two different ones. It would take too much time and inconvenience to lay them out here. I think I will post the one in mondaymicrofic one of these days, and I might post the other one in here.

Just being pedantic for a second (what else would I be? *grin*): there are seven sensory modalities. In addition to the five "standard" ones, there's also the vestibular and proprioceptive senses. The former tells your body what orientation and acceleration your head is experiencing (the "dizzy" sense), and the latter is a feedback mechanism that tells your brain roughly where your limbs are at. Both of these are generally dominated by the visual modality, though, so get very little attention.

Fun shit, from your friendly neighborhood cognitive science wannabe. ;-)

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