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Things I'm Pondering While Ruminating on Other Issues

Well, up to awhile ago, my inner DJ was playing Belinda Carlisle's "Circle in the Sand" in my head. I don't care if I'm thought a pop-junky; Belinda Carlisle has a voice that could melt a stone. Gah! I love her voice; it's beautiful. Now though, I've got Simon and Garfunkel: "Hazy Shade of Winter" on the brain too, thanks to eithnepdb's post this morning. They're battling it out in my skull right now. It's a very weird medley. Gee thanks, Nancy, I think.

I've noticed that a good percentage of my f-list is in a morose mood this morning. Well, I certainly didn't wake up that way. Actually, I had a really hot erotic dream. Unfortunately, it wasn't one of those lucid ones that I can remember really well. I only got visual and auditory impressions, and the whole thing was fragmentary and disjointed, with hardly any story at all. I remember some sort of concerts and standing around discussing something like marketing with a bunch of people, one of whom was a woman who ended up in bed with me in the more juicy segment of the dream. I can't even remember the woman's face, exactly. I'm sure it was someone I've seen from TV, or from some pr0n, or perhaps it was Fiona Johnson, "The Woman In Red," from The Matrix. I can't remember, but she was very blonde and very sweet. What I do remember was the gist of the sex itself. It wasn't even kinky, just straight vanilla missionary stuff, for the most part, but it was HOT, HOT, HOT. It was the connection that made the sex so hot, the things we were saying to one another and doing with one another. I don't remember much of any of it, curse my selective dream recall, but I know that I woke up and hopped out of bed before the alarm went off this morning, and despite some rather troubling personal vexations which have been plaguing me this week, I felt really upbeat and ready to hit the shower and carpe diem.

It's been quite awhile since I can say I've had the kind of sex I was dreaming about. The ex and I were really poor communicators with one another, much of the time, and whereas we had some really good sex, and I did love her, it wasn't great sex. It didn't connect with me on a deep enough level, I guess. She has as much said the same to/of me, so I don't really feel that I'm doing her a disservice. She just didn't know how to "get to me" that way. Heh. I walked around with a wolfish grin for about an hour or more this morning. Us celibate singles are easily amused.

Summer is still having disturbing self-doubts here in the Bay Area. It's 11:00 AM here, in June, and the sky is still completely overcast and drizzly. It smells great outside. Right this minute, looking out my window, I feel like going outside and taking a deep breath. It's a good morning to go walking, as the warm weather is here, and it's not chilly, but really, where is summer? Normally at this time of year, the sky is a relentlessly cloudless, sunny, blue. It may rain only a handful of times in the summer, and usually those are very short.

There was more silliness on the highway this morning. I hit a couple of "skiddy spots" on the wet pavement. Time to get new front tires, I think -- these are getting a bit tread-worn. My car is starting to represent "enhanced" maintenance costs. Monday I had to plunk about $600 into it to fix the air conditioning, and I'm starting to wonder how long the transmission is going to remain problem-free.

You see the damnedest things driving down the road. Once I saw a guy driving one of those ridiculous escapees from a cubist's nightmare -- those "Element" cars -- and he had a vanity license plate which read "BOXXD N." You have to admire his sense of humor, if not his taste in vehicles.

Another thing I've noticed in the past couple of days on the road, is glamorous-looking women in two different professions where you wouldn't expect them to "gussy up." The first was an ambulance driver, whom I saw on 580 while driving home last night. She looked like she just walked out of a hair salon and she was "made up" like she was going out. Okay. Now, you wouldn't think that paramedic services is a job where a woman would go out of her way to be glamorous -- you'd think that there would be too much opportunity for the job to mess up "her look" during the course of the day. I wonder what she was thinking, going to all that trouble.

The phenomenon was repeated again this morning, on 580 west-bound, on the way into work. I saw an unusual car on the road. It was a plain white Ford. On the rear bumper was a very small sticker saying "Police Interceptor." The car had the grillwork behind the front seat, separating the front and rear passenger compartments. The odd thing about the vehicle was what it didn't have. First, there were standard plates on it, not government. There was no bubble-gum machine on the top nor search light off the driver's side window. There appeared to be no radio, because I saw no antenna and the driver was talking on a cell phone. At first, I thought that perhaps the car was new, and the driver was merely taking it somewhere to finish the outfitting, but the car didn't look new, upon closer inspection. Furthermore, the woman driving it was glamorous and "done up" a little too elaborately for a cop job, I would think. She had shoulder-length light brown hair which looked "freshly done" and she was wearing some sort of jacket but it wasn't any kind of uniform. She was awfully pretty though. There's nothing like a mystery to start your day.


I just got back from lunch with Robert, Tom, Don, and Robert's parents. When Don and I arrived at Peet's Coffee, Robert was walking his parents through "the pitch" which we have been attempting to refine, pursuant to the day when we can actually cut a deal with potential investors. The law firm with which we have been negotiating for our patent work has sent us an e-mail yesterday telling us that they are preparing a proposal for us and will probably be meeting with us sometime this week or next. Once that happens, the pace is likely to pick up quite considerably. This makes me a tad nervous. We will have to have our ducks in line then. We have spoken to another law firm about handling the company's legal work, and they have told us that if the patent law firm is in on contingency for a piece of the equity, then they are as well.

At any rate, Robert was walking through a rough investor presentation for his parents. Robert's parents are friendly, personable, and quite savvy business people, and were offering him pointers and feedback. It was nice to finally meet them. Robert's mother was advising us on how to graphically illustrate the time-line for this project, and how to convey to potential investors, our estimation of the most likely path to profitability. We need to work on this. Once we have the legal work nailed down, the only thing holding us up with be the matter of money.

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