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Robert (Bro. Pepper-spray of Reasoned Discussion)

Salt Point Expedition 2002 August 1 - 9

Day 3

Happy Birthday Crystal
Morning and Early Afternoon
It rained this morning. Actually, it drizzled rather heavily. I slept in until 8:00 AM. We had a nice hot breakfast of oatmeal and coffee. It was chilly this morning.

Crystal tried an abalone dive. The girls and I went crawling around in the rocks and tide pools while Crystal tried out the water. She didn't like the rocks and the rough surf, and the visibility was down due to an algae bloom, so she came out after doing little more than getting her feet wet.

One of the rangers told us that the place where she was trying was one of the more challenging ones and he recommended that she check out Gerstle Cove. Since Gerstle Cove is a protected area, where nobody may remove the sea creatures or flora, there are big abalone there and the water is calmer.

Crystal went out and dove a couple of times and saw three or four abalone. There were also many jellyfish there too. You could see the jellyfish from the shore when they would get close to the surface.

While Crystal was diving, there was a diving class being conducted in the cove. Apparently, during the summer there is a class there almost every weekend. The girls went exploring with me. We were accompanied by the son of one of the divers. His name is Jackson, and he appears to be about Shannon's age, or thereabouts.

Jackson, whose nickname is "Jax," and the girls found a hollow where the tide had eaten into the cliff. It was sort of a proto-sea-cave. Jackie went and stood inside it while I took her picture. Just as I was snapping the picture, she stood up straighter and bumped her head on the low overhanging rock, and was very unhappy about that.

Around 1:00 we packed up and went back to camp. Crystal made us sandwiches. At 2:00 the girls went on a junior ranger nature hike with the same ranger as last year. His name is Chris Dodd and he's a nice guy -- very personable. Shannon didn't want to go at first because she was somewhat put out by the fact that she wouldn't have the opportunities to pick huckleberries but Jackie convinced her that there'd be interesting new kids on the walk and she relented.

While Jackie and Shannon were on the hike, Crystal and I went down the road to buy some junk food. We checked out two grocery stores. We bought some chips. I got salsa and tortilla chips. We got the girls some Gummi Worms, since they were squabbling over the disturbing confections which Crystal had thoughtfully added to their trail mix and which they had consumed the last of this morning. When we were coming out of Ocean Cove Market, Crystal went to cross the road and I didn't see her look, and a red pickup truck was rounding the sharp curve in the highway where it comes around the bait and equipment supply store across the road. Since I didn't think she saw the truck, I reached out to grab her sweater sleeve and pull her out of the way. Fortunately, she had seen the truck but unfortunately, I got some of the skin of her upper arm when I grabbed at her to pull her out of the road. I left a bruise and she wasn't happy about that at all.

While we were out, Crystal and I discovered that Shannon had left her sweater somewhere. After we picked up the girls from the Junior Ranger nature hike, we went back over to Gerstle Cove to look for Shannon's sweater. Crystal thought that it was at the Visitor Center but it turned up draped on a post near the restroom/diver changing area in the parking lot.

When we came back to camp, we ate some junk food and had some coffee and sat around being cold. Jackie and Shannon went off to play with the girls in the Girlscout troop which arrived late yesterday.

The girls are from Troop 560 out of Fairfield. Shannon has been hanging out with them more than Jackie has, as most of the girls are Shannon's age. The troop pulls out tomorrow.

I started up a fire in the fire ring with the pine wood we bought. After Jackie came back from playing with the scouts next door, and Crystal came to a break in the abalone book she bought over at the Gerstle Cove Visitor's Center, she started dinner. We're having tacos. Maybe the sun will come out tomorrow. It's been ~55° F and overcast the whole day except for about half an hour about 90 minutes ago, when the sun peeked through a hole in the clouds out over the ocean. I got a picture of it. Too bad the hole in the clouds never made it this far inland. It's cooling off again. The wind keeps changing so that it gets cooler and warmer here, as well as producing humidity fluctuations. Right now, my breath is starting to become visible again.


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