Robert (Bro. Pepper-spray of Reasoned Discussion) (montecristo) wrote,
Robert (Bro. Pepper-spray of Reasoned Discussion)

Salt Point Expedition 2002 August 1 - 9

Day 4

Everybody is leaving today! Weekenders, go figure. Perhaps I should say weak-enders, ha, ha. It was cooler this morning. The vehicle said that it was 52° F about an hour or so ago, when we took Jackie to another Junior Ranger nature walk. Breakfast was pancakes, coffee with some brown sugar in it and two slices of cold pizza that we put in the cooler the night before we left home.

The sun is up and shining brightly. I noticed how different the sunshine makes the camp look while I was doing the dishes and Crystal was taking Jackie over to where the nature walk is happening.

Shannon didn't go on the walk with Jackie this time. I think she wanted some time away from Jackie. That, and she wanted some time with the girls her age from the Girlscout troop across the street before they pull out. They're mostly packed up now. The three adults are sitting in their chairs chatting while the girls play. Shannon has been hanging out with one or two of them (there are about ten of them in the group). They're funny, and city girls all of them. One of the girls, named Jo Ann, lost her pants in the toilet last night and the older women were freaked out, or at least mightilly impressed by, seeing a skunk last night.

Shannon has just run over here and demanded my pen and a page from this notebook. Fortunately, Crystal has a spare pen. Shannon is exchanging phone numbers with some of the Girlscouts. They're about ready to hit the road.

The people to either side of us pulled out yesterday. New people have occupied each space. I haven't seen much of the people to the south of us, but the newbies to the north, who had their picnic raided by the jays, have been replaced by a couple in a pick-up with a towed RV. They sat at their table and played Yahtzee and drank beer yesterday. I haven't seen much of them today.

Crystal left about 11:20 to pick up Jackie. She wants to go diving again. It's interesting, how the opinions given of the Girl Scouts by Jackie and Shannon differ. Jackie claims that they told her that they were somewhat bored by camping, but Shannon claims that they were having fun and that this wasn't their first such trip. Shannon's new friend, Jordan, gave her a piece of abalone shell.

It's 11:45 now. My pocket compass thermometer says it's 98.6°F. I think it's stuck... Actually, it says it's about 65° now. I have it sitting in the drink holder in the arm of this fold-up chair in which I am sitting. I wonder if Crystal will want to have lunch before we hit the beach, or, er, rocks. She swears that today she's going to get an abalone. Visibility is better today, according to the posting, and of course, the sun is shining. The sea is a little rougher today though. I see whitecaps on the water. Crystal wants to try diving south of Gerstle Cove today, where the surf is not supposed to be so rough.

We saw the rescue chopper yesterday. I overheard some of the rangers talking. Apparently, a diver got hurt. They pulled him out with a "long line" but he walked to the chopper that took him to the hospital. I just saw one buzz over about 30 minutes ago. Now I hear another one... never mind, it's a plane. Crystal made lunch. I had a ham sandwitch with swiss cheese and mustard.


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