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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

I've been outside again...

It's watering night again. I managed to get in another half hour of stargazing tonight. The ground is starting to get too cold and damp to just lie on it, this late in the year. This time I got smart. I took my sleeping bag out there in the backyard with me and put that down. I brought out two cans of Diet Coke and a flashlight (to check my watch every once in a while). Perfect. The smell of the grass is a very calming scent. I love doing that -- working on my moontan, heh heh. I saw two shooting stars. I keep telling myself that I'm going to learn the names of the constellations besides the few that I know and recognize, but I never get around to it. That's the beauty of stary skies though, you don't have to know all the names to enjoy them. I wonder how much of an eccentric I am. It's not that I care, mind you. I'd stargaze if I were the only person on Earth who enjoyed it. The ex didn't like it much at all. I was only ever able to talk her into it a couple of times and she always seemed to be considering the activity to be a pointless waste of time. That's a shame too, because it is much more fun with company. It's great for quiet conversation, and this late in the year, sharing body heat. I wonder how many good nights are left this year. Fall is creeping into the Valley a little deeper every night.

I'm getting more done on this joint. Tomorrow, after I get back from the health club orientation (yeah, I got to work on me too), I'm going to tear into the yard again. I've got weed and feed to put down, and I'm going to put down some stuff that I bought last weekend for the citrus trees. I don't know exactly what it is yet, but it comes in a 20 pound bag. After that, I'm going to climb up on the roof and clean out the gutters. They're probably chock full of leaves. Got to catch that job before the year's first rains start in and then I'll never know when I'm going to see a clear day to do it. The gutters really need to be replaced. That should have happened when I got a new roof put on this summer. Ah well, one thing at a time. I'll just have to keep bugging the landlady until she does it next summer. One thing I am not waiting for her on though, is the fireplace. I've lived in this house for six years and haven't lit the damned thing once. I think I'm not going to go another winter without having a nice fire. It's such a waste. I'm going to have the chimney inspected out of my own pocket. Hopefully, there won't be too much to do to make the fireplace combustion-ready.

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Great entry, as usual. I enjoy finding out more about you.

I have to say that I'm glad that you're taking time out to stargaze and that you will be using your chimney this year. When I build my dream house, it will most definitely have a fireplace in the living room, library, AND the master bedroom. There's absolutely nothing like building a fire in your own house.

Especially in a Cleveland winter. :)

Thanks! I appreciate the encouragement. I think I'm getting the hang of it. I may post online more often than I ever did in my notebooks. It's really fun!

As for me, I've just got to say nice house ideas! Every dream house needs a library. Absolutely. My house is crammed with books and I wish I had a room just for them. A library would be my favorite room. I'd put in big overstuffed chairs, a couple of pieces of interesting and rare curios and some good art, gigantic hardwood desk, and without question, a fireplace, damn it! I am absolutely determined to run mine this winter. It doesn't snow or even get down to freezing here but a there is something about live fire that makes a house a home. I am not going to live alone in a warehouse! Heh.

I envy you the stargazing, and the soon-to-be-working fireplace. Two things sadly missing from urban life.

That's one of the advantages to living in a small town. The lights aren't so bright here that they dim the stars. I wonder how many people can see a good night sky from where they live.

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