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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Verb Captain Action

You reach for the golden ring, reach for the sky

The Saturday before last, in another country, I was having dinner with emmabovary at a Chinese restaurant. At the end of the meal, of course we opened the fortune cookies. The one I had, which I kept, at the suggestion of my dinner companion, said, "You are soon going to change your present line of work." My friend and McGuffin compatriot, Robert G. often uses an interesting word: "alevei," which he has informed me is a Yiddish word translating roughly to: "It should happen to me." That sounds like an appropriate term to use here, not because my current circumstances at the daily grind are onerous (far from it, it's interesting, the people are great, and the job remunerates me well) but McGuffin taking off would mean an even grander and finer adventure.

Yesterday around 4:00 PM, I got a phone call from Tom saying that our friend the lawyer from the law firm we have been eagerly, slavishly, obsessively courting/stalking since before December of 2004 had just spoken to him. I've been so buzzed on adrenalin since then that I haven't been able to write this down, much as I wanted to do so. I've finally collected my wits and turned my exuberance down to a low boil so I can post this. At any rate, we are trying to get this patent law firm to handle the filing and prosecution of one or more patents for McGuffin for us on contingency. The lawyers at this firm have been talking with us, and going to lunch with us for months now, trying to get a handle on this project and determine how and if they want to get involved. Last month, McGuffin went before their New Projects Committee, which determines which projects the firm will undertake. That committee meets every third Monday of the month. Last month they tabled us without making a decision because our deal is of a kind that the firm has never contemplated undertaking before, and doing so would be a change in their business policies. On Monday, they decided to go with the deal.

We're in. If we get "art in the patent pipe" now, it will mean that the intellectual property is protected, and that we can discuss this project with investors and consequently also assure them that our company has a handle on the ownership of this idea already. I am hoping that this rock we have pried loose will now start an avalanche. This opens the possibilities up enormously. I left several phone messages for Robert, who is vacationing with his family out of cell phone range in Mt. Lassen Park, and he finally got back with me today. Monday, when he returns from vacation, we have to start putting our next steps in order. Sometimes I find it shocking, how the circumstances of life can turn on a dime, when you work on changing them. Life could become something very new and thrilling, but also unfamiliar and scary, very soon now.

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I knew this was going to be the outcome, I just knew it! I'm thrilled for you and Robert. You've put in a lot of hours and brain cycles for this. I'm glad others have recognized its potential value. You must feel on top of the world, deservedly so.

Keep that fortune and frame it.

Yeah, I'm on top of the world -- I'm still really jittery about the whole thing. The vertigo is outrageous. Heh. I've just got to keep going forward one step at a time. It gets crazy attempting to imagine things too far down the road.

One small step down, lots of big ones left to go.

It sounds analogous to what actors say about learning and practicing their craft for years before being "discovered" and becomming an "overnight success."

Hmmm, I didn't think of it that way before, about other people considering things happening overnight. Thinking about this thing in terms of time scales seems to produce such weird perspectives. On one hand, progress seems to come so slowly, especially when dealing with people new to the project. On the other hand, contemplating the magnitude of the change this thing may make in my life makes me worry about "too much, too fast."

I am so completely happy for you. YOu are brilliant and so deserve this! Bravo!

Everyone manages brilliance every once in awhile. I just hope that I can keep doing the smart things consistently for the indefinite future. There are still a lot of ways for this thing to not succeed, but this is one hurdle surmounted.

YAY! And early CONGRATS! Champagne? :)

I hope it all works out to and in a rush! Stoked for you.

There's a long way to go, and I wouldn't want to jinx it. All the hurdles haven't been cleared yet. This is just one big one, the first, cleared! Thanks for the congrats though! ; )

Yippeeeeee! Unfamiliar and scary, I daresay is also thrilling.

Oh boy... there is a fire alarm going off in my building... what timing. That wasn't thrilling... just loud.

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