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Friday Afternoon Meme Tag

Courtesy of valkyrieblue, a little meme. Please participate: Play at your own risk.

She's asking that I pick seven tunes that "I'm into right now." The problem is, I don't really get "into" music in fads like that. I listen to a very ecclectic mix of stuff all the time. So, being here at work on a relatively slow Friday afternoon, and not listening to my radio at the moment, I called up the DJ in my skull and told her to spin me seven random tracks of stuff from the things I've heard in the last couple of days.

Rules: Pick seven songs that you're into right now, list them. Pick seven friends who have to repeat this process, list them.

  1. Luce: "Amsterdam"
  2. Rockapella and the Nylons: "Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye"
  3. Chris Botti: "Indian Summer"
  4. Van Morrison: "Moondance"
  5. Judas Priest: "You've Got Another Thing Coming"
  6. Kathleen Edwards: "Back To Me"
  7. Radiohead: "High and Dry"

Your mission, should you choose to accept it... Tag, you're it:

  1. prolixfootle
  2. vavaverity
  3. eithnepdb
  4. mousme
  5. thejessicka
  6. shadorunr
  7. pr1ss
  8. Anyone else who feels like playing. I'm a libertarian -- I won't turn you in if you break the meme rules.
Tags: memes, music lyrics and poetry

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