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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

The Twenty Random Questions About Various LJ Friends Meme...

This silly meme shamelessly imitated from the lovely bridgetester. I am NOT a robot...bot...bot...bot *click!* *whirr!* *bzzzzt!*

The Random Question Meme!

An array of completely random questions about my friends!

How many people has nsingman seduced?
None of his victims has ever offered to give evidence against him. It is rumored though, that his final victim, a mysterious, charismatic, lady, named jungle_goddess, has inflicted poetic justice upon him by rendering him her personal abject sex toy.
When was the last time you talked to ingenuemuse?
If it was more than a minute ago, it's been far too long ago.
What is curtana's favorite song?
Christopher Cross: "The Best That You Can Do", because it is all about Arthur. Heh heh.
Where did willy_gunn leave the remote?
He probably absent-mindedly dropped it into the bottom of a box of his fly-tying supplies.
Does bridgetester know how to spell the word 'embarrass' correctly?
If she doesn't, it's only because she doesn't know the meaning of the word. *snerk* Of course, she's the best qualified of my friends to look it up.
Will minstrel70 ever amount to anything?
That will probably depend upon whether or not the U.S. has won back The Americas Cup before he has decided to enter the competition.
Have you ever seen mousme naked?
Well, once upon a time, I had this dream featuring her as a consumptive gunfighter who was captured by some drunken bounty hunters and a large party of Indians...
Would you sooner donate a kidney to valkyrieblue or mishamish?
I'd make them share. The thought of the two of them stitched together at the abdomen like a pair of siamese twins is too screamingly funny to describe.
What would your life be like if you had never met industrialyte?
My LJ may never have gotten beyond one entry stating: "This page unintentionally blank."
What kind of book would emmabovary and forthright jointly write?
One which would require you to keep copies of The Oxford Unabridged English Dictionary, The Berlitz French Phrase Book, Gray's Anatomy, and the Kama Sutra handy in order to read it.
How would mrshannibal survive on a desert island?
She would survive by wit and sheer determination. Plus she'd probably use her cell phone to call for an air drop of useful supplies.
It's all pertho's fault, isn't it?
Of course it is. None of this would have happened if he had just updated The Renaissance Agency before now.
What is the strangest thing vavaverity has ever said to you?
"I'm often prone to such silly and whimsical poetry and it's fun to have a place to stick it."
Why would harroldsheep go to heaven but mintkiss go to hell?
Probably because the poor bastard died of clove cigarettes and fell on her while she was trying to seduce him into doing something perverse.
How many siblings does kitnish have?
As many as she needs, at last count.
In what ways is classytart smarter than you?
She's an excellent photographer, a trained bartender, and she's one of the few initiates who know the answer to the riddle of why Egon Spengler is "hot."
Why did morganaus cross the road?
To get away from the haiku-spouting pervert who is stalking her everywhere.
What historical figure does bellacrow most remind you of?
Mata Hari.
Can ysbel do a headstand?
Probably, but like the hypothetical noise made by the tree, falling in the forrest when nobody is around, who knows?
Did khanadasc leave the stove on again?
She probably did, but only because there was something tasty simmering on it. Let's hope it doesn't cause a Grease fire.

This is by heptadecagram. You can find your own completely random questions here.

Do you feel enlightened now?

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Yeah, like I even know the Kama Sutra.

...and what was that "one thing" you were going to teach me again? Hmm? ; )

It was Humility. (Position number 6.231)

(Go back to bed! You should be getting your beauty sleep!)

I see you set some really high goals for yourself. Humility never seems to be a lesson that sticks to me for very long. Heh. As for beauty sleep, it's too late. I'll just have to be ugly today because unfortunately, I have a job to do.

You couldn't be ugly if you tried.

But humble. Give it a go.

You ought to talk to me about beauty sleep too...you're the mischievous wench who wouldn't even allow poor old Victor Noir to enjoy his dirt nap! Heh heh.

Re: Esprit d'escallier

Oh, he enjoyed it. Just look at his face.

He does indeed look rather smug. Heh. Perhaps humble pie belongs on the menu.

"I'm often prone to such silly and whimsical poetry and it's fun to have a place to stick it."

LOL! This is, by far, funnier this time around... :D

They weren't victims! They were independent contractors, and I paid them all handsomely.

Hey! I resemble that!

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