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Well, if we can do birthdays on these things...

Not all that tempts your wandering eyes,
And heedless hearts,
Is lawful prize.

Ode to a Favorite Cat Drowned in a Tub of Goldfishes
-- Thomas Gray

Sometime today, the scrumptious ingenuemuse, my wonderful Delusional Girlfriend™ (my delusion, not hers; ask morganaus for a definition of the term) for nigh on two years, is tying the knot. That's right guys, one of the sweetest, most interesting Internet Babes™ (stealing the term, f00dave) is becoming permanently unavailable! Hear the lamenting! She's gone! She's been shanghaied by a lucky pirate!

Seeing as how everyone likes posting birthdays on LJ, I figured I would extend the practice to things like Important Weddings. Hell, if you do 'em right, marriage only happens once in your life, unlike birthdays, which happen yearly as often as you can keep them coming. So, that being the case, I would encourage anyone and everyone, current friends of hers or not, to drop over to her page and offer best wishes to the beautiful, sharp, and witty Topaz, and congratulations to that gloating most fortunate Mr. Michael Pirate. They're good people, and I wish them a lifetime of happiness and success.

*Hands out virtual bags of rice* (certified safe for virtual pigeons). Now go wish this extraordinary couple well. If enough of us do so, she might just post pictures! I hear that she has an amazingly kinky trousseau...

All my love, and best of luck for a long and happy life, Dear.

Edit: I just figured out the Avenger's Theme thing. You've always reminded me of Emma Peel, Dearest Thespiades. Heh.

Tags: exuberance, family and friends, infomania, muse

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