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The radio is messing with my head!

It was cloudy and foggy on the drive this morning. The temperature is Fall-normal for the Bay Area. It's running somewhere in the mid 60's F. Everything is gray and cotton coated. It's not a bad change of pace, and it will probably burn off by noon.

When I got into Alameda this morning, I was switching the radio stations around, to avoid the commercials when something weird happened. I hit the button I thought was for KFOG and got Dave Brubeck: "Take Five". At first, I thought I missed the button and hit the one for KKSF, the local jazz station. Nope. That was KFOG. A couple of minutes later, KFOG was running a commercial so I hopped over to KKSF, the jazz station, and they were playing Phil Collins: "In The Air Tonight". Okay, no more messing with my reality this morning. I'm up to my ears in stuff already! TGIF.

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