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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

Oh Yeah, Ask Away, Bridge keeper, I'm Not Afraid! Interview Meme: eithnepdb's Questions

The Rules:
  1. Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
  2. I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
  3. You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
  4. You'll include this explanation.
  5. You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.
1. Do you consider yourself open minded in general?
That's a trickier question than it sounds, in my case. I confess that I am terribly opinionated. I think a lot. I introspect a lot. I read a lot in lots of different subjects. I am often arrogant about what I know. It's a vice and a weakness of character, to a certain extent. I don't really like overly pushy people, and I try not to be pushy myself, but I've turned people off expressing my opinions, sometimes where they aren't even wanted, and I frequently castigate myself for it. Nevertheless, I like to think I give others a complete and fair hearing. I strive mightily not to let my feelings about something override the objective truth of what is. I second guess myself frequently and do make an effort to see the other side, when it is presented. It is a point of honor with me to admit when I am wrong, and I do so, frequently (it's a natural hazard of being opinionated and quick to speak). I worry a quite a bit about being irrationally attached to a position when I am incorrect or in the wrong. I strive to be open to the facts, and to be unafraid to change my mind in the face of contradictory evidence.
2. Do you think you'll ever marry again?
Wow. That's an complicated question. I really don't know the answer to that one. I loved being part of a family. I miss being a father in the day-to-day life of my daughters. Raising children is a rewarding job. I think that I'd like to be married again, but I worry about making a mistake again. Lately, I have become very used to living alone, but I treasure companionship, and occasionally in the odd moment, I really miss having someone with whom to share things, like conversation, and movies and good music... and life. My problem is that I am really a self-contained individual. I don't miss companionship until those moments when I really would like to have it, and that is not the time to do something about it. Heh. I'm a reasonably friendly person, but I just don't connect with a large range of people. I suppose that my opinion would change if I found someone with whom I had sufficient "resonance" -- they're out there, somewhere. The other day, my friend and fellow McGuffin partner, Don, told me that it takes as long after a divorce to get yourself back together as it was that you were married. He's divorced, and that's his story. I'm highly skeptical of that, as an accurate rule of thumb, but I figure everything in it's own time. I suppose I'll know when that is when it happens. I may or may not be quite there yet. Rushing things is probably not productive.
3. What's the scariest thing about launching your own business?
I'm not sure. The unknowns and the risks can be pretty scary, but I tend to land on my feet. Our corporate lawyer, (yet another Robert) told the four of us that starting up a business was a very stressful and divisive undertaking. He told us that if we were still friends in a few years then our group would be one of the exceptions to the rules. I think I have my priorities straight going into this deal. I'm determined to keep my friends. We're all in this to become successful and because we think McGuffin is a project that needs to be done by someone and it may as well be us -- because we can. If your business changes fundamentally who you are, then you've probably got some priorities turned around backwards -- the business should reflect who you are and your values, not the other way around. On a similar note though, if McGuffin is successful, it will multiply my standard of living several fold. It is easy to imagine making two, or even three, times what I do now, but it is very scary to contemplate making several more times than that, because it involves a scale of decision-making that is orders of magnitude greater than any with which I have had to deal before. In addition to the personal challenges presented by success, several people will be throwing in their lot with us to make this work, and the decisions of my partners and I will impact their lives as well. This thing is going to place large demands on me, and I am not certain what all of them are yet. I want to face the challenge, and see if I've got what it takes, but there are others along for the ride too, and we are all having to count on one another. It's going to be interesting.
4. What lessons do you hope to teach your children?
Be true to yourselves and do not evade reality. All else important in life, initiative, creativity, discipline, courage, honesty, happiness, self-esteem, integrity, etc. follows naturally from that. I think they're picking up on that quite well. I'm very proud of both of my daughters.
5. Brown shoes or black?
What an odd question. This is a chick question, right? I don't really have a preference. Whatever looks nice and feels comfortable flies for me. I have some wingtips in oxblood, some black running shoes and some comfortable brown suede shoes with a thick sole.

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I enjoy the candor and style with which you write, you cracked me up with the shoe thing at the end, too.

I would like to be interviewed, by you... this could be very interesting...


Take care.


Very very interesting, honest and forthright. I think it is exciting that you are heading off in a new direction pursuing your dreams. Very Cool. If you feel so inclined, you may interview me!


I think you did a splendid job ;)

1. It would be interesting to see you come across as arrogant in real life. I find you to be a fountain of knowledge from time to time on LJ but I've never gotten the impression that you would be the arrogant sort. Interesting.

2. I would disagree with Don as well. Remarrying, I imagine comes in it's own time for each individual. It's not like you can set a timer and BUZZ Oh my, look at the time, I've been divorced as long as I've been married - time to walk down the aisle again. All things, in due time.

3. Best of luck with this. Owning a business is tough work. Mine was tiny and it was tough. I do hope you're right and that it won't get in the way of your friendship!

4. Simple and to the point... very wise.

5. *Giggles at chick question* - I probably would have asked "boxers or briefs" myself!

You can interview me if you're so inclined. Someday when you're bored. (HA!) ;)

Everything in it's time...

Right! If it happens, it will happen when it's right to happen... Finding a compatable, willing partner, candy, flowers, booze, reticence-shattering orgasms and other persuasions etc. all take time! Modern Western Civilization has such disdain for the practice of dragging off pretty, intelligent, creative women against their wills...it's just fallen completely out of vogue you know.

I'm thinking of questions to ask you and other people who've requested interviews. This too, shall take some time...

Modern Western Civilization

How do they feel about dragging off pretty, intelligent, creative, willing women?

Oh, see... there I go again.

Re: Modern Western Civilization

Well, if they are willing, then there is not much dragging involved, obviously, unless they are playing kinky games. Of those who are willing, there are two types: the discriminately willing and the indiscriminately willing. In Modern Western Civilization, there are two schools of thought on each type:

The "If-It-Feels-Good School" thinks that the discriminately willing woman is a fool who is in danger of becoming a spinster. They see sex as one more human activity not much more significant than a handshake or a hug. This school is much more likely to give complete sanction to the indiscriminately willing woman.

The "Older" School, (for want of a better term) on the other hand, sees sex not as a cause, but an effect. One must have reason to love before one makes love. This school holds that the indiscriminately willing woman sets herself up for misery and disappointment because she is trying to reverse the law of cause and effect: she wants sex to be something which can lead to love, instead of the other way around. People of this school see the discriminately willing woman's discretion as an admirable virtue, because her desire for someone is correctly predicated upon the values present in the other person, not upon how much she'd like to scratch an itch in her own libido.

Frankly, I don't know which side has the greater number of adherents in this day in age.

If it makes you happy - it can't be that bad

I think you'd find a pretty equal attendance at both schools these days. At least, I see that in the single women I know, myself included. There also is a tendency at times to jump into the "if-it-feels-good" playground, though you belong with the "older" kids at recess. It's funny that a double standard still seems to exist with that. Gratuitous sex amongst women is still somehow frowned upon, whereas with men it is still something to boast about. Personally, I prefer to flirt shamelessly and indiscriminately but am far more choosy when it comes to actually giving over. I was not so choosy in years past, and I guess that's how we graduate to the "older" school with time and wisdom. Fact is, though I am able to separate sex from love, making love wins out with me every time.

And, of course I was referring to kinky games.

enjoy the show, everybody gets high, everybody gets low, these are the days when anything goes

I don't buy the double standard. I have no more respect for men who think they can fuck their way to happiness and self-respect than I do women who believe that.

I know you were referring to kinky games. ; )

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