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Wait, take your time, think it through

There is a conspiracy of circumstance to pee all over my good vibe this evening. I don't know from whence it comes. Actually, things have been going rather well: McGuffin is nearing the point where the patent can be filed, and we've identified another subsystem which is very likely to be profitably patented itself. I've got a pile of about 20 fresh movies I haven't seen. I don't get it. I'm just feeling vaguely disgruntled this evening. Ah well, it happens once in a blue moon. I'll deal. It must be something in the air. It is damp and drizzly this evening. I feel damp and drizzly. Bleah.
  • Everybody wants to get into the act, even RealPlayer. My rotation has turned up, as I type this:
    • Toto: "99"
    • Bread: "It Don't Matter to Me"
    • Badfinger: "Baby Blue"
    • Stone Temple Pilots: "Lady Picture Show"
    • Barenaked Ladies: "Leave"
    • Jim Croce: "Operator"
    Waz up wit dat?!
  • I've been working like a dog. There's a piece of software at work that has been driving me crazy. The more problems I hammer out of it, the more we find in testing and revising our testing.
  • I've been chasing McGuffin pretty hard these past two or three weeks. We're getting close to being able to file (so says our patent lawyer) and Robert has identified a McGuffin subsystem which is an innovation in itself which we may be able to profitably patent, which is great, but I've been working on documenting that one with him as well, and not getting back in from work in the evenings until ten or so at night.
  • Mr. prolixfootle took a bunch of pictures of our beautiful common ancestral home state, Ohio, and it made me a bit homesick. What? Yup.
  • I called my daughters tonight. They have had colds lately, and Shannon has extra-curriculars at her school (she's in color guard) so they won't be coming down to visit me this weekend. I miss them. They were talking to me about their week and what they were doing and about being sick and Shannon blowing chunks in the bathroom sink and I felt so out-of-the-loop and disconnected from their day to day lives. Baggy, one of their mischievous cats, has been missing for two weeks, and they've hardly made any effort to find or recover him.
  • The ex's brother wasn't able to get out of Europe to come to her wedding, and I actually felt sorry for her, because I know that she would have wanted him to be there.
  • Pop Secret Cheddar Flavored popcorn is a blasphemy upon the concept of popcorn, and the grocery where I shop is out of the Kettle Corn I like.
I got a bunch of movies from my mother recently. I think I'll go root out something funny and watch it. I need a quick injection of a light weight romantic comedy, stat. I wish I had company. Ugh. Ice cream? Chocolate? Mood-adjustment mallet? Something! Okay, one positive note: RealPlayer has relented: Yes: "Hold On" Cool. Something more upbeat. That's it -- when the going gets tough, the tough go to the movies!
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