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I want a refund on my weekend.

Surprisingly enough, I am sick. I've been feeling it coming for the past two mornings, but I wasn't sure until today. I've been hacking up phlegm out of my lungs and it's given me a headache. The coughing is sporadic, fortunately. I've awakened for the past two mornings stuffed up and with lungs full of crud. I'm also achy in the joints and possibly have a very low grade fever. It's hard to say and not really worth chasing with a thermometer to find out, as it would be way too low to medicate. Heh. I never get sick. Okay. I rarely get sick. It's annoying. I don't think I've had so much as a cold since the wife left, two years ago. I'm somewhat amused by the prospect, it's such a novelty. If it manages to last more than two more days I'm sure the philosophical novelty of it all will begin to wear mighty thin. We'll see.

I haven't done a lot today. My meeting with Robert, Tom, and Don was called off. Tom is AWOL and probably forgot that we were going to meet today. Don, the other iron man, health god of our group also has a cold, or something. The fact that he and I both have come down with something surprised Robert. No doubt he wonders if he is next to succumb to the plague. McGuffin is still in a limbo of waiting. The patent lawyer said a week about a week ago. Apparently, the claims are solid, but he's still working on the body of the patent. I hope he can get the first filing for McGuffin off so that we can the subsystem we identified to him and get a patent on that as well. If we are successful in licensing that, we may be able to get ourselves a lab and put McGuffin into development on self-funding, without an investor.

I sat down today and finished this issue of Fantasy and Science Fiction to which I subscribe. You find out the most interesting things in that magazine. Peter S. Beagle has written a story concerning the characters he created in The Last Unicorn. The story, called Two Hearts is proof that Beagle is still on top of his game. In the introductory blurb preceding the story, I learned that Beagle is writing a sequel novel to The Last Unicorn after thirty four years. Amazing. Apparently, the old coot is still spry enough to feel-up the cute fan girls, judging by the evidence from Dragoncon on his website.

I talked to Jackie on IM last night. Actually, I exchanged messages with her friend, Kala, while my daughter watched the exchange and giggled. *sigh* Kala is nineteen and way too eager to demonstrate what a "grown-up woman" she is. The goober was attempting to embarrass me, or possibly Jackie, by attempting to play "a/s/l" games with me. Oh please, little girl. I was doing that stuff on the college mainframe when she was still crapping in her nappies. I really don't think a nineteen year old like that one is really all that appropriate company for a fifteen year old. I have to wonder if this girl has any friends her own age, to still be hanging with high school girls. Naturally, the ex probably doesn't think anything of it. My daughters haven't been to visit in weeks. I have so little parental input into their lives anymore. I really do hope that the two of them are able to maintain their common sense in that environment.

The ex graciously dropped me an e-mail a couple of days ago telling me that Shannon was having some trouble in school. Sheesh. This divorce is the gift that just keeps on giving. She's thinking about pulling Shannon out and home schooling again, which in most cases I would heartily advocate as being a better alternative than the ridiculous state system, especially in the early years. Nevertheless, she really doesn't know how to reach Shannon on some issues. She's completely wrong for the job. Not to mention the fact that toward the end of our last experiment in home shooling she started avoiding dealing with it by burying her nose in her online exploits all day. Oh brother. Now she's got an infant and is going to school herself. She has no conception of her own limitations or when she has overextended herself and bitten off more than she can chew. You can't tell her, either. I suppose that I shall have to have a talk with Shannon to see if there is anything I can do to help her get a grip on things, if she wants to stay in school. Crystal certainly can't reach her. I don't really know what I can do. There is a perverse part of me which is really glad that I don't have to deal with that woman anymore. She's a lovely person, but on some issues, she is an absolutely impossible person with whom to work. I sent her back an e-mail telling her good luck, because she was going to need it. I didn't have anything to suggest, because Crystal does whatever she pleases anyway. The e-mail she sent me was just to cover her bases and document that she had "kept me informed." Balderdash. From what it sounded like, she wasn't very damned "informed."

I'm not getting involved in any more of that woman's messes. If the girls want to come and live with me, I would be more than happy to have them. I've told them that. I think that's probably the limit of whatever constructive I can provide.

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