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Sex, lies, and DVD's

I got another box of DVD movies from my parents recently. I just finished watching "Unfaithful." That was one twisted picture. There was some pretty steamy sex in there. I love it when a woman gets all quivery and squirmy like that. What a power trip, to make someone do that. It's so profoundly gratifying to see a woman go nutz on what you're doing to her. Whew, that was hot. The second half of the movie was some pretty intense suspense, though.

I had the same question Richard Gere's character had. How in the hell could she think he wouldn't know, or did it just not matter? I can't believe that a woman of average or better intelligence could seriously believe that the guy wouldn't notice. Do women really think that all guys are that emotionally slow? You have to wonder.

Why is it always the guy's fault when a married woman is seduced? Without fail, at least in American movies, the woman has a nebbishy husband, a boring vaccuous suburban life, and her paramour is always some aggressive, hot, Euro-trash art dealer or other avant garde metro type who corners the poor woman and breaks down her resistance with expensive drinks, presents, and hot pursuit. You never see a married woman just get a wild hair and seduce and fuck her chiropractor on the exam table, unless the movie is a comedy.

I was beginning to wonder why I was so okay with being single. Oh. Yeah. Right. Thanks Mom.
Tags: introspection, movies, ponderings and curiosity

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