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and I'd like to change my life and you know I would

I just put the garbage out and I'm waiting for one more load of laundry to come out of the dryer before I turn in. I'm a bit sleepless this evening, but I think Morpheus may be sneaking up on me, quietly. That will be good. I hate going to work fried on too little sleep. Wow. It's wonderful out tonight. There's a full moon. Last night I noticed the almost daylight coming through the blinds on my bedroom windows. There are only a couple of stars and illuminated cumulus clouds here and there in the sky. It's surprisingly warm for this time and this time of year. It's in the upper fifties or lower sixties by the feel of the temperature. There's very little breeze. It'd be a great night for star gazing, but it's kind of late to be dragging out the air mattress. It's still a bit cool for it too. Something is blooming again out there. It smells great, like spring.

Spring is coming. March 3 will mark the start of my third year here in Livermore. I still have some boxes to unpack and books to shelve. Things are changing, but I can't see where they're going. So many people I know are so much in dread of these caesuras or "le sas"(es), or feeling as if they lack direction. Somehow, I can't get worked up over my personal Sargasso Sea. I suppose that might have something to do with McGuffin, and the fact of that project's undeniable progress. I don't know. I have a stout sense of patience and I figure things take as long as they need to take to happen. Stuff is getting ready to break loose. I feel a restlessness for which I cannot place an origin.
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