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It was a night like this, forty million years ago... I met you in a cave, you were painting buffalo

Obviously, the lady was creating one of the very first blogs in prehistory. Naturally she used her preternatural charm to get the buffalo to hold still while she assaulted them with paint and a brush.

Boom, boom, ack-a lack-a lack-a boom!

The lyrics to the song I've been citing do not say: "I fell a sleep, you stayed awake and watched the passing cars." In fact, they say the converse, but I am forced to take artistic liberties lest the suspension of disbelief be wrecked. Nobody who knows her or me would ever believe that my insomnia-fu is mightier than hers.

Suddenly, a summer breeze and a mighty lion's roar.

For those who have not yet guessed but whose curiosity is biting them, today is the birthday of the classy, foxy, and amusing ingenuemuse, who claims to be one billion years old this year, even though she doesn't look a day over sixty million.

Happy Birthday, Topaz, and many happy returns of the occasion!
Tags: birthday, exuberance, family and friends, humor, infomania, muse

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