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Sometimes, there's a part of me, has to turn from here and go

There are stars in the Southern sky,
And if ever you decide you should go,
There is a taste of time-sweetened honey,
Down the Seven Bridges Road,

KFOG, a local radio station out of San Francisco, has a program that they run every morning and evening at 10:00 AM and 10:00 PM called Ten at Ten. In this program, they play ten hit tunes from a single year within the past thirty years or so. The listeners call in and vote for what they refer to as "Best of Set." Today, the year was 1982, the year I graduated from high school. The best of set was The Eagles: "Seven Bridges Road."

I free-associate music, mostly lyrics, but often the tune and the lyrics. I always have. I have an ear that's tied into my imagination and my brain tends to pick up and keep auditory cues easily. I associate Eagles tunes with my ex. She's been a fan of them for as long as I've known her and that was one of the first bits of trivia I learned about her. I frequently associate tunes or artists with a person. Some examples:

  • Crystal, my ex: The Eagles, specifically, Seven Bridges Road

  • morganaus: The Moody Blues

  • eithnepdb: Bruce Springsteen

  • ingenuemuse: The Beatles, Radiohead, Peter Gabriel, The Talking Heads... (too many to name -- too much resonnance from similar tastes)

  • emmabovary: Van Morrison (She knows him, and we both like "Moondance" as a favorite song)

  • fearsclave: The Indigo Girls (ever since prolixfootle's The Renaissance Agency episode which introduced us to ▲swordsman)

  • eideteker and shadorunr: Rush (They're both big Rush fans, as am I)

  • vavaverity: U2, The Goo Goo Dolls, and Savage Garden (breathe in and get a bit higher)

  • thejessicka: The Allman Brothers Band (I blame their tune "Jessica" for it)

  • pr1ss: Steve Miller Band (We once had an interesting discussion of "Livin' In The USA")

Heh. This LJ turned three years old last week.
Tags: family and friends, introspection, music lyrics and poetry, reminiscence

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